Continental is a map in Age of Empires and Age of Empires II.

Age of Empires Edit

Age of Empires - Continental2

An 8-player match in Continental.

Continental represents a circular, giant island, surrounded by water. Resources are more abundant in land than in the Age of Empires II version, and there are also more trees, mostly Forest Trees.

There might also be some ponds (or a single large one), scattered asymmetrically through the mainland. These include some Shore Fish, but beware of the occasional Alligator and duo of Lions. Chokepoints tend to be surprisingly abundant for a land-and-water map, with cliffs and forests, thus even providing some turtling potential (that can still be somewhat nullifed with Light and Heavy Transports).

It is highly recommended to focus about 1/3 of the food production to the sea, just in case the enemy kills many of the player's Villagers. And of course, try to invest in a military navy, that can strike the enemy's Fishing Boats.

Age of Empires II Edit


Continental is a mostly land map, surrounded by water. Occasionally, rivers separate opposing teams and there is an isolated island in the middle. Wood is located in piles and is not as frequent as on other maps. Gold is usually more abundant while stone and food are similar to the average map. Rushes will not be successful due to the need for a navy, putting a strain on the player's wood and food. It is a better idea to rush late in the Feudal Age or early in the Castle Age when the economy has begun to blossom. The water is not as prominent on the map, but the more limited wood supply means that players should split their food duties 50-50 with farms and fishing ships. Having a good navy is somewhat essential, but not a major key to the game. Focus should be on coastal defense of transports. If playing a computer, siege weapons seem to be highly effective.

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