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Consolidation and Subjugation is the second scenario of the Tariq ibn Ziyad campaign in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms. After capturing the city of Cordoba in the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula, the Umayyad Caliphate ventured further north and has reached Toledo, the center of the Visigoth Kingdom. From here, they must prove their dominance by capturing three of the four neighboring cities of Seville, Merida, Talavera, and Guadalajara.


712 AD, year 90 of the Hegira...

Banners billow in the wind and the tips of spears glisten in the sun as hundreds of soldiers ride by. A horn sounds as the front of the column approaches a promontory overlooking a large, glorious city.

We have reached Toledo, the center of the Visigoth Kingdom. I can hardly believe my eyes at her beauty... a city worthy of a king. Tariq is determined that we capture Toledo quickly, before the neighboring cities have the chance to react.

The Visigoth heartland will be difficult to subdue. Opposing us, in addition to Toledo, are the cities of Seville, Merida, Talavera, and Guadalajara. Many of these cities date back to a time when the Romans still ruled these lands.

We are not alone, however. Tariq's former master, Musa ibn Nusayr, has landed in the south with a large army. If we can capture Toledo and hold it until Musa's soldiers arrive, we will crush the Visigoths with a two-pronged attack!

Scenario instructions[]

Starting conditions[]

Differences between difficulty levels[]


Main objectives[]

  • Capture Toledo.
  • Destroy 3 of the 4 enemy towns.

Secondary objectives[]

  • Wait for Musa's army to arrive.
  • Tribute 500 gold to Cordoba to buy the Chemistry technology.


  1. Strike quickly at Toledo - the Visigoth garrison is weak, but messengers have been sent out to the surrounding towns and will return with reinforcements if you wait too long.
  2. Mountainous regions are rich in mineral resources. Additionally, if you run low on gold, you can trade with the city of Cordoba or a local trade post east of Toledo.
  3. Talk to (click on) the locals on the countryside - they may have interesting information to share.
  4. The enemy towns are preparing to build Wonders as a mark of their dominance - do not allow them to do so.
  5. The army of Tariq ibn Ziyad cannot yet reach the Imperial Age. Additionally, Tariq's shipbuilders did not travel with him on this expedition, so building docks or ships is impossible.


Your scouts report:

  • The army of Tariq ibn Ziyad (Yellow) has gathered on a promontory just southeast of the city of Toledo (Grey), the Visigoth capital, which lies in the center of the map. Toledo must be captured quickly in order to establish a foothold in the region and resupply the troops.
  • The Visigoth garrison of Toledo (Green) represents only a token defense of the city, and is comprised of infantry, archers, and a few scorpions. They have also erected several makeshift towers guarding the main gates and the bridge across the river Tagus.
  • The city of Cordoba and several local settlements (Orange) are situated in the east of the map. They will serve as a valuable trade partners should your gold supply run low.

Four of the surrounding fortified towns pose significant threats:

  • Seville (Blue) lies far to the south, and will field armies of Crossbowmen, Light Cavalry, Pikemen, and a few siege units.
  • Merida (Red) is situated in the southwest, and its formidable fortress complex is guarded primarily by Huskarls, Pikemen, Long Swordsmen, and Cavalry Archers.
  • Talavera (Purple) controls the far west of the map, and trains Knights, Light Cavalry, Skirmishers, siege units, and will also build ships to harass you from the river.
  • Guadalajara (Cyan) lies far to the north. Their army is composed of Huskarls, Long Swordsmen, Skirmishers, and siege units. A small military camp also guards the mines in the mountains east of Toledo.



  • Toledo (Byzantines): They merely represent the town that has been captured by the Visigoth Garrison. They have a few economic and military buildings, a Town Center, a Castle and quite a few Guard Towers. Upon defeating every soldier of the Visigothic Garrison and destroying all of their Watch Towers, the buildings and walls of Toledo will come under control of the player and they will surrender.
  • Cordoba (Saracens): They are present at the south-eastern side of the map and have a well-fortified base, with a Castle and a few Keeps. Musa ibn Nusayr, a governor and general of the Umayyad Caliphate is also part of Cordoba and has a large army including Siege Rams, Trebuchets, and lots of fully upgraded Elite Mamelukes, Heavy Camel Riders, Hussars, and Heavy Cavalry Archers. He will send this army to help the player after 30 minutes of in-game time have passed after the Visigoth Garrison was defeated. After the player receives his army, Cordoba will construct a Trebuchet for the player every 10 minutes at their Castle, which will be a valuable siege weapon since the player cannot advance to the Imperial Age in this scenario.


  • Visigoth Garrison (Goths): They have captured the city of Toledo and have a large number of infantry, along with Scorpions and Archers waiting in the city. They also have five Watch Towers spread across the city. To recapture the city of Toledo, the player must defeat every soldier of the Visigoth Garrison and destroy all the Watch Towers. Once this is done, they will surrender and Toledo will come under the player's control.
  • Seville (Italians): Their city is located near the southern edge of the map, and will be the first to start constructing a Wonder, after 40 minutes. However, their base is pretty weak, with only one Castle at the center and a few Watch Towers to defend it. Their Wonder is highly exposed so it is possible to aim at it with Trebuchets without having to breach the walls first. However, they will train Crossbowmen, Light Cavalry, Pikemen, and siege units to counter the player's forces.
  • Merida (Goths): They are located on the southwestern edge of the map. Merida is the most fortified of all the four enemy cities with a large number of Watch Towers, two layers of walls and four Castles. They will be the second enemy to start constructing a Wonder, after 65 minutes. They will send small raiding parties to the south-western part of the player's base, comprising mainly of infantry along with Cavalry Archers and Scorpions.
  • Talavera (Spanish): They are located directly west of the player's base in Toledo. Their base is also quite well fortified, and they are the only enemy city to possess a navy, which they will use periodically to attack the player's base along the river. They will be the third enemy to start constructing a Wonder, after 90 minutes. They will be the most frequent out of all four enemy cities to send raiding parties, comprising of Knights, Crossbowmen, Pikemen, and, after a while, Scorpions and Mangonels. The player should have soldiers stationed at the western side of the city at all times to counter these frequent attacks.
  • Guadalajara (Goths): They are located at the northern edge of the map. They will be the last enemy to start constructing a Wonder, after 115 minutes. Their base is the least fortified and they are probably the weakest enemy. Their Castle is very exposed and can be taken down by a few shots by some Trebuchets. Their army will comprise of Huskarls, Long Swordsmen, Crossbowmen, Light Cavalry, and Scorpions. They will send small factions to raid the northern part of the player's city, but not as frequently as the other three. They also have a small military camp directly east of the player's base and attacking it will give the player access to the huge stockpile of gold and stone mines hidden in the mountains.


The player starts with a large army that has gathered over a promontory just south-east of the captured city of Toledo. The objective is to defeat all the soldiers of the Visigoth Garrison and destroy all five of their towers. This will give control of the city of Toledo to the player.

The Visigoth Garrison has a lot of soldiers so the best strategy to defeat them with the least amount of casualty is this: The player should gather the entire army and keep them right outside the city walls, not in range of towers. Then, take any one of the ranged cavalry (Camel Archer, Genitour, or Cavalry Archer), go into the base and attack a unit, lure the soldiers in that area and bring them closer towards the stationed army and use the rest of the army to defeat them. Repeat this from all sides of the city. If done correctly, the player will have a considerable amount of soldiers still left. Then use the two Siege Rams to destroy the five Watch Towers. After this, Toledo will come under the player's control.

Note: the enemy cities will become active after 15 minutes, regardless of whether the player has captured Toledo or not.

Once Toledo is captured, the player should start making Villagers. Use the first few Villagers to complete the gates of the city that had been destroyed. After that, make farms around the Town Center. There are two Mills outside the city walls to the north but it is not recommended to build farms around them, since soldiers from Guadalajara may attack the villagers. There is a Relic close to the player's city near the starting position, so make a Monk from the Monastery to pick it up and drop it back at the Monastery. This Monk can also be used to heal the player's injured soldiers, if any. There is also another relic located on a small island at the western edge of the map, and a Gaia Transport Ship near the coast, which can be used to claim the relic. Be sure to scout out the market to the northeast as well, as the trader there will sell the player Chemistry for 500 gold.

While the enemies are still not attacking, the player should use their initial army to attack the small military camp of Guadalajara directly east to their base. They only have a few soldiers, two Watch Towers and a Palisade Gate. Defeating them will give the player access to a large supply of gold and stone, which will probably be enough to last the rest of the scenario. Since the mines outside the player's base can be vulnerable, it is advised that the player send their villagers to mine stone and gold from here. After 20–25 minutes, the enemies will get aggressive and the player should expect frequent raids, mainly from Merida and Talavera. They will mainly strike the western and southern part of the player's base (although Guadalajara will attack in the north) so it would be good if the player stations troops in these areas.

30 minutes after defeating Visigoth Garrison, Musa ibn Nusayr will give the player his large army of siege and cavalry. After 40 minutes of in-game time have passed, Seville will start building their Wonder.


Even though Seville has started building their Wonder, it is better to start attacking Talavera first, because:

  1. It takes almost 40 minutes to finish the Wonder (at the latest, otherwise it will be finished around the 20 minute/30 minute mark), after which the player has another 200 years (16 minutes and 40 seconds of in-game time) to destroy it.
  2. Talavera is close to the player's base, so attacking any units from the towers will cause all the units in the vicinity to rush out and attack the player's base. So defeating Talavera will end their river attack and the player will have more breathing room.

Since the player has the Berber technology Kasbah which makes Castles work faster, make use of this technology and fill up the Castles with Camel Archers and a few cavalry units should the enemy send rams to attempt to destroy the Castles.


Seville should be the next target for the player. Merida should have started their Wonder by then.

By the time Talavera is down, the Wonder might be 1/2 or 1/3 done, depending on how fast the player attacked Talavera. The Wonder is very exposed, so it will go down in a flash. Seville should also go down without any hassle. Because of the cliffs and narrow forests, the attack may not be as smooth, so a castle drop will be safer.

The player can decide whether to aim for Merida or Guadalajara next.


Guadalajara's castle is very exposed, so a few Trebuchets will make quick work of it, before the Berber army strikes the softer parts in the city.


If the player took too long in attacking Seville or Talavera, Merida's Wonder should be completed by now. Merida is by far the most formidable city, especially when their Wonder is defended by four Castles around it. Therefore the player needs a lot more siege weapons and Trebuchets for a efficient attack. Another Castle drop here would definitely do good in assisting the attack. The Castles and Wonder should be the main aim of the trebuchets.

Once Talavera, Seville, and Guadalajara/Merida are down, the player is victorious!


The Visigoth cities did not fall easily. These people truly fight like lions!

To breach the walls of Toledo, Tariq ordered the construction of two large armored rams with iron heads. These engines are indeed fearsome to behold... the gates of city after city crumbled before their might.

A cloud of dust could be seen from miles away as Musa's army approached, laden down with the spoils of war after having breached the cities of Seville and Merida. Both armies celebrated their success with much revelry.