Consequences is the second scenario of the Fall of the Trident campaign in Age of Mythology. The main objective is to find Kamos and recover Poseidon's trident, stolen in the Omens scenario, from a statue of Poseidon.

Summary Edit

After Arkantos musters a fleet in Atlantis, he heads towards Troy, in order to assist the Achaeans against the Trojans, and break the siege. As the fleet enters the Mediterranean Sea, they pursue Kamos' Pirates.

They stop to an island south of Spain, where Kamos' base is to be found, in order to corner the Minotaur pirate, and return the stolen trident back to Atlantis.

Objectives Edit

  • Advance to the Classical Age and explore the island. (Remember, you must first build a Temple before you can advance to the Classical Age. You are not yet strong enough to attack the pirate town.)
  • Train an army and destroy the pirate Town Center. (The pirate Town Center is well-guarded. Train a mix of Hoplites and Toxotes, and don't forget to upgrade them.)
  • Corner and attack Kamos the Minotaur. (Kamos is heading for the cliff top east of the pirate settlement.)

Players Edit

  • Arkantos (Poseidon) - The player begins with Arkantos himself, along with a Kataskopos, several Toxotes and 4 Villagers, as well as a Town Center. They are also provided with generous amounts of resources; 1500 Food, 700 Wood and 950 Gold, but are limited to 125 population.

Enemy Edit

Neutral to Enemy Edit

  • Kamos (Set) - Kamos himself appears once the Pirates' Town Center is destroyed.

Neutral Edit

  • Shipwreck (Zeus) - This player consists of a single Shipwreck, that provides 300 Wood and 200 Gold once the player's line-of-sight reaches it.

Strategy Edit


The location of the salvageable Shipwreck.

This guide is applied to hard difficulty. It is, of course, also applicable for the other grades of difficulty.

Immediately as the scenario begins, the first task a player has to do is to order Villagers to build a House and a Temple. They should advance to the Classical Age as soon as possible, with Ares, as the player will lack cavalry and siege weapons for this scenario. In the meantime, they should construct a Dock, Storehouses and Granaries, in order to exploit the nearby resources, and the Kataskopos should scout the west part of the island for Pigs and the Shipwreck, found to the northernmost tip of the island (but beware of Spearmen).

Another thing that is quite recommended is to erect Walls to the south of the starting Gold Mines, to avoid attacks from this spot. Once the player reaches the Classical Age, they should quickly build an Archery Range, to deter enemy Axemen raids, and gather enough Favor (and Food) to train Cyclopes (the Will of Kronos upgrade is strongly recommended, as it saves time and adds much needed crush damage) and some Hoplites. Don't forget to fully upgrade them, including Ares' myth technologies.

Once the player has enough forces, they should first wall the passages from the eastern to the western part of the island, to delay raids. After that, they should train two Transport Ships (and research Enclosed Deck), garrison them with troops, and sail to the easternmost part of the island, where there are no Towers. There, disembark and attack the Town Center with the Cyclopes immediately.

After the Town Center is destroyed, kamos and three Anubites will show up. Kill the Anubites quickly, and focus then on Kamos. Just attack him and win the scenario.

It is a very simple scenario, and should not be a challenge for any player.

Trivia Edit

  • The island, where the scenario takes place, in reality doesn't exist. A more realistic choice would be the Balearic Islands, to the northeast of this fictional island.
  • After the scenario is completed, Kamos escapes in his (literally) hand-fed Leviathan, which is referenced in Kamos' mythology section. This is the only appearance of this specific Leviathan.
  • The Shipwreck that appears in this island is one of two cases of salvageable Shipwrecks.
    • More specifically, Greetings from Greece features a trio of Shipwrecks to the north of the player's starting position, that provide 300 Gold.

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