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Conscription is a technology in Age of Empires II available at the Castle upon reaching the Imperial Age. Once researched, it increases the work rate of Barracks, Archery Ranges, Stables, Castles, Kreposts, and Donjons by 33% (the latter two being unmentioned in the tooltip).

In contrast to what the in-game description notes, this includes the speed at which technologies are researched at these buildings.

Conscription is considered essential to research as it greatly benefits the amassing and replenishing of armies.

Civilization bonuses[]


Definitive Edition[]


Lords of the Middle Ages had the ability to call up their vassals and the peasant militia for limited service. Conscription was the next evolution in acquiring men for military service. It allowed a lord to put men into military service for an extended period, not just a few months of campaigning each year. In some parts of the world, a man might be conscripted for many years of service.