Generates Flying Crow artillery automatically.
In-game description

The Confucian Academy is a wonder in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties that is unique to the Chinese and can be built to advance into the next Age. It ships Chu Ko Nu (in earlier Ages) or Arquebusiers when built and automatically trains a Flying Crow at no cost.

Shipments Edit

Colonial age up 4 Chu Ko Nus
Fortress age up 8 Arquebusiers
Industrial age up 12 Arquebusiers
Imperial age up 21 Arquebusiers

Further statistics Edit

As the Confucian Academy is unique to the Chinese, only improvements available to them that are shown in the following table.

Building strengths and weaknesses
Strong vs. Nothing
Weak vs. Everything
Hit points Flying Buttress Flying Buttress (+20%)

Home City Cards Edit

As the Confucian Academy is unique to the Chinese, only other civilizations' TEAM cards that affects them are shown in the following tables.

History Edit

Confucius (Kung Fu-Tzu, or "Master Kung"; birth name: Kung Chiu) was born in 551 BCE. During his life he attempted, but failed, to establish rationalism and meritocracy in Chinese government. However, his philosophy that social harmony could be achieved only if humans were free from deprivation, that all people possessed the same potential, and that education was the means to prevent people from straying from ethical behavior, took hold after his death. By 124 BCE, the Han Dynasty had established an Imperial Academy in which students could study the Confucian classics and, by passing a rigorous examination, enter the vast Chinese bureaucracy. The initial enrollment was fifty-five students. By 618 CE, during the Tang Dynasty, three Imperial academies had been established at Chang'an - the Kuo-tzu hsueh, T’ai hsueh (Great Academy), and the Ssu-men hsueh - which were followed by the creation of the Directorate of Education in about 628. In addition to these national centers of learning, there were also prefectural academies established throughout the country.

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