The Comanchero is a standard Outlaw unit in Age of Empires III which can be trained from the Saloon or Monastery beginning in the Colonial Age.

Overview Edit

The Comanchero is a mounted outlaw with a pistol. At 120 coin and seven population (five with the Dance Hall or equivalent card), it is the most expensive outlaw unit. Compared to standard Dragoons, they are slightly bulkier but have less firepower.

Like other outlaws, Comancheros are most useful in the Colonial Age and depreciate in value as the game progresses, as upgraded standard light cavalry (and mercenaries) will outclass it.

History Edit

"The name “comanchero” refers to those non-Indians, especially the Spanish, who traded with the Comanches of New Mexico. During the late 1800s in the U.S. Southwest, comancheros inhabited a shadowy world of commerce between dealers of guns, ammunition, and other forbidden commodities with the local Native Americans. Even though the Sioux, Apache, and other Native Americans were quite often provided firearms by the U.S. military, a significant black market emerged that the comancheros were more than happy to exploit."

Outlaw Rider Edit

Outlaw Rider is a treasure guardian, usually found in large or resourceful treasures. The outlaw version has much higher hit points but more vulnerable to cavalry and artillery. However, they are better at dealing with villagers, so they are recommended to be used in raiding. Spanish and Portuguese can get some of these among with other outlaw units through revolution selecting Hidalgo. If one has a Warchief, one should not use it on him for fighting other treasure guardians, but use him as Light ranged Cavalry.

History Edit

"The term "outlaw" is derived from a Scandinavian designation for the worst sort of criminal imaginable - one who lived outside the protections of the law and should be killed on sight. The gun-slinging, horse-riding, bandana-wearing outlaw of the American frontier is a common image. One such outlaw, Jesse James, used his knowledge of guerilla tactics in warfare to execute a series of bank robberies. He and his brothers lived a life of crime for decades, before James was killed by one of his own gang members when his bounty grew too high to resist."

Trivia Edit

  • The Outlaw Rider appears to be firing a muzzle-loading pistol as one can see the hand movement at the muzzle of the gun after a shot not like the other outlaws (Note:this is despite his unit card and game model of the weapon resembling a revolver rather than a muzzle-loading pistol).
  • The hand attack of the Comanchero unexpectedly shows the siege damage symbol instead of the usual hand attack symbol to denote the damage inflicted using melee attacks.

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