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The Colonial Age is the second Age in Age of Empires III, after the start of the game in the Discovery Age. Advancement to Colonial age requires the investment of 800 food. The Colonial Age is characterised by the start of a civilization's formal military and small battles over resources may break out, as players develop their economy.

In-game, this is often characterized by a focus on obtaining several sets of 200 wood, the cost required for construction of the main military buildings. Alternatively, civilizations may focus on the 1000 coin required to get ahead to the Fortress Age and forego development during Colonial, for earlier access to advanced units such as a shipment of Falconets. Large crates sent by Home City Cards tend to play an important role in either of these developments.

The Colonial Age also marks the spread of specialist work such as religion through introduction of the first healing units such as the Priest, Imam or Missionary. Sometimes artillery is available in this age also; civilizations with access to Grenadiers are able to build the Artillery Foundry at this Age rather than in Fortress Age. The Dutch train the Skirmisher earlier also.

Units and buildings available Edit