This article is about the technology in Age of Empires II. For other uses of the term, see Coinage.
Coinage is a technology in Age of Empires II that can be researched at the Market once the Castle Age is reached. Once researched, it reduces the tribute fee from 30% to 20%. Coinage comes in handy if players intend to send resources to other players. Banking is the further upgrade of this technology.

Civilization bonuses Edit

  • Chinese: Coinage is 10%/15%/20% cheaper in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.

Changelog Edit

The Age of Kings Edit

  • Coinage costs 150F/50G.
  • Coinage takes 50 seconds to research.
  • Coinage becomes available in the Feudal Age.

The African Kingdoms Edit

  • Coinage costs 200F/100G.
  • Coinage takes 70 seconds to research.

Rise of the Rajas Edit

  • With patch 5.8, Coinage now becomes available in the Castle Age.

History Edit

"Money degraded during the Dark Ages in Western Europe because the barbarian tribes that took control were largely illiterate and had no system of government that could administer the making of coins. Those coins that exist from this era are very crude copies of Roman coins and usually of low-value metals. The rise of Charlemagne’s empire and other strong kings created the stable administrations that could successfully provide coinage. A stable and available supply of money was a great boost to economic growth. The most useful European coins were silver pennies, roughly the size of the modern U.S. 10-cent piece, and smaller denominations made of copper and bronze."

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