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Ships crates of Coin.
—In-game description

Coin Crates is a Consulate shipment in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties that can be sent by Chinese and Indians if they choose the French as their ally once the Commerce Age is reached. It ships 500 coin.

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Consulate shipments and technologies
Flag BritishDE.png British Allies2 Surgeons · 4 Spies · 5 Petards · British Brigade
Flag DutchDE.png Dutch AlliesChurch Wagon · Bank Wagon · Arsenal Wagon · Livestock Pen Wagon · Dutch Brigade
Flag FrenchDE.png French AlliesFood Crates · Wood Crates · Coin Crates · French Brigade
Flag GermanDE.png Germans AlliesFood Trickle · Wood Trickle · Coin Trickle · German Brigade
Flag JapaneseDE.png Japanese IsolationMilitary Rickshaw · Bushido Principles · Clan Offerings · Meiji Restoration
Flag OttomanDE.png Ottomans AlliesLevy · 4 Settlers · 2 Great Bombards · Ottoman Brigade
Flag PortugueseDE.png Portuguese AlliesFishing Fleet · Exploration Fleet · Expeditionary Fleet · Portuguese Brigade
Flag RussianDE.png Russians AlliesBlockhouse Wagon · Fort Wagon · Factory Wagon · Russian Brigade
Flag SpanishDE.png Spanish AlliesMerchant Marine · Nanban Trade · Bullionism · Spanish Brigade