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Cod are a large and diverse group of demersal fish which can be fished in Age of Empires III.

They can be found in large numbers by themselves exclusively on two maps, New England and Plymouth where they share the ocean with Minke Whales. Just like every other fish in Age of Empires III, they yield 500 food.


Scientific Name: Gadus morhua
Size: Up to 6 1/2 ft.
Diet: Small fish, mollusks, crab, squid.

The Cod is an important food fish that lives in the North Atlantic and was a great source of economic wealth in Northeastern North America. Hake and Haddock are included in the species commonly called "cod" though there dozens of fish that claim the name, some improperly. Cod are bottom feeders with a ventral fin located farther up their bellies than most

Scrod refers to a specific preparation of Haddock or young cod where the fish is cut into thin strips for cooking. Current American and Canadian cod populations are over fished and may not recover as their habitat changes to exclude them
—In game history