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Emphasis on the Serpent Goddess, Coatlicue, summons approximately 1 Otontin Slinger for every 2 minutes of game length, up to 30 minutes.
—In-game description

Coatlicue Worship is a Big Button technology in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs that is unique to the Aztecs and can be researched at the House once the Commerce Age is reached. Once researched, one Otontin Slinger for every two minutes the game has passed, up to 30 minutes (for a total of 15 Otontins), will appear in the Home City shipment point.

Each unit has a resource cost of 70, meaning this technology breaks even in total cost on the 8th Otontin slinger, which is at the 16th in-game minute.

With the Industrial Age Old Ways Home City shipment, the cost is reduced to 250 coin.


Coatlicue Worship can be a useful way of getting a one-time force of anti-infantry troops, especially when resources are in short supply.

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