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There are eight playable civilizations in Age of Empires IV.

Abbasid Dynasty[]

  • Unique unit: Camel Archer, Camel Rider.

Difficulty: 2/3

750-1517 CE

Research, Anti-Cavalry and Golden Age[]

The Abbasid Dynasty pursues a flourishing Golden Age by concentrating structures around their House of Wisdom, allowing them to unlock significant economic advantages. The House of Wisdom also drives progress through the Ages and grants access to advanced technology. Abbasid camel units are expert at countering enemy cavalry.

Cavalry Fighters[]

Particularly good at countering cavalry-based armies.

Golden Age[]

Build towards your civilization's Golden Age - improving research, production, and gathering speeds.

Pursuit of Knowledge[]

Embrace the Abbasids' pursuit of knowledge through unique technologies located in their House of Wisdom structure.


  • Unique units: Imperial Official, Palace Guard, Zhuge Nu, Fire Lancer, Nest of Bees, Grenadier.

Difficulty: 3/3

907-1644 CE

Dynasties, Gunpowder and Expansion[]

The Chinese can shift their focus across the ages, deploying many unique units and building rapidly. Enemies must continually adapt if they want to keep up.

Great Dynasties[]

Construct both Landmarks in an age to start Dynasties with unique bonuses, buildings, and units.

Fire Medicine[]

Immediately gain access to gunpowder units and technology in the Imperial Age (IV) without needing to research Chemistry.

Delhi Sultanate[]

  • Unique unit: Scholar, War Elephant, Tower War Elephant.

Difficulty: 3/3

879-1526 CE

Military, Research and Defense[]

The Delhi Sultanate stays many steps ahead of their enemies with great networks of scholars. Fully realized, they field the intimidating War Elephant and trample those in their path.

Scholarly Culture[]

Research all technology for free. Research can be stopped and resumed but it progresses at a much slower rate without the help of religious scholars.

Frontier Fortifications[]

Establish fortified settlements using military units that can build palisades. Keeps gain access to a free weapon emplacement once constructed.

Garden Bounty[]

Cultivate Berry Bushes into Orchards by building mills near them. Orchards yield a higher amount of Food.

Holy Roman Empire[]

  • Unique unit: Prelate, Landsknecht.

Difficulty: 2/3

936-1517 CE

Infantry, Religion and Defense[]

Prelates enhance the economy of the Holy Roman Empire, while powerful infantry units form the core of its military. Enemies must face an opponent able to rapidly recover from attacks and field strong counterattacks.

Army of the Empire[]

Upgrade infantry with impactful technology and field the sturdy Man-at-Arms earlier than other civilizations.

Religious Zeal[]

Extract additional Gold from Relics and inspire units with Prelates produced from the Town Center.


Buildings constructed within the influence of a Town Center or Keep gain the Emergency Repairs ability which can be activated to repair the building.


  • Unique units: Longbowman, Vanguard Man-At-Arms

Difficulty: 1/3

850-1555 CE

Defense, Longbows and Economy[]

Exceptional early infantry provide the English with a powerful punch backed up by reliable Food production from the fields.

Network of Castles[]

Protect the frontier with Town Centers, Outposts, Towers, and Keeps that increase the attack speed of nearby units when invaders are detected.

Island of Agriculture[]

Build Farms for 50% less Wood and that have increased efficiency within the influence of a Mill.

Defensive Byrig[]

Keep what's yours with the Vanguard Man-at-Arms heavy infantry in the Dark Age (I). Villagers fight with bows rather than farm implements and Town Centers fire twice as many arrows as normal at nearby enemies.


  • Unique units: Royal Knight, Arbalétrier, Galleass, Royal Cannon

Known for their cavalry, the French are a fearsome army whose armored knights and charges can tip the tides of battle.

The French civilization in Age of Empires IV spans the years 840-1559 CE and is based on a medieval France that fought its way from adversity to prosperity. Overcoming invasions, plagues and revolt, France emerged as a powerful modern nation.

Playing the French civilization will take you through the age of chivalry and honorable combat, to the time of Jeanne d’Arc and France’s darkest hour, to the formation of a disciplined standing army capable of liberating the nation with the roar of cannon fire.


  • Unique units: Khan, Mangudai

Difficulty 3/3

1000-1500 CE

Aggression, Nomadic and Mobility[]

Masters of mobility and mounted warfare, the Mongols can easily relocate their camps. They gain economic benefits from setting up near Stone Outcroppings and from raiding enemy buildings. Enemies must deal with cavalry attacks from the opening moments of play.

Great Dominion[]

Forgo the need to build houses and begin with maximum population. Traders provide bonus resources when produced in large numbers.

Sacred Ovoos[]

Extract valuable Stone using the Ovoo. Villagers cannot gather stone, nor can it be gained through the market or tribute. The Ovoo provides improved unit production and research to buildings within its influence area.


Field a singular mighty Khan to provide powerful bonuses to all nearby military units with Signal Arrows. Early cavalry are excellent raiders and all units gain bonus resources by igniting enemy buildings.


  • Unique units: Warrior Monk, Horse Archer, Streltsy