The Civilizations of Age of Empires III do not function the same way as they do in Age of Empires and Age of Empires II. Instead of having a large list of numerous civilizations, the choices are much more limited. In addition, each civilization can be played by only one player.

Age of Empires III Civilizations


Civilization Bonus: Home City Shipments are earned faster and Military is able to be produced faster.
Unique Units: Rodelero, Lancer, War Dog
Home City: Seville


Civilization Bonus: Extra Manor Houses that spawn villagers, economy is good in early game and Military comes in later.
Unique Units: Longbowman, Rocket
Home City: London


Civilization Bonus: Coureurs gather faster and fight better, The French also have the strongest cavalry unit in the game The Cuirassier
Unique Units: Coureur des Bois, Cuirassier
Home City: Paris


Civilization Bonus: Extra Covered Wagon whenever you advance an Age, Explorer has ability to use Spyglass
Unique Units: Cassador, Organ Gun
Home City: Lisbon


Civilization Bonus: Villagers cost Coin, Banks produce Coin,can field early defensive skirmishers .
Unique Units: Envoy, Ruyter, Fluyt
Home City: Amsterdam


Civilization Bonus: Villagers and infantry are trained in groups, low cost military great for overwhelming other players with their large armies, can build Blockhouses
Unique Units: Strelet, Cossack, Oprichnik
Home City: St. Petersburg


Civilization Bonus: Free Uhlans arrive with every Home City Shipment, there are two kinds of settlers, more mercenary cards available.
Unique Units: Uhlan, Settler Wagon, Doppelsoldner, War Wagon
Home City: Berlin


Civilization Bonus: Town Centers spawn villagers at no cost and they also have strongest Artillery unit in the game, Great Bombard
Unique Units: Abus Gun, Janissary, Spahi, Galley, Great Bombard
Home City: Istanbul

War Chiefs Expansion

The WarChiefs civilizations have only Unique Miltary Units with the exception of Canoes and War Canoes.


War Chief Bonus: Boosts hitpoints of nearby units. The Iroquois have Travois that the Iroquois start with in the beginning of the game and can build most buildings for free. The Iroquois also have a unique Founder Dance in the fire pit which spawns Travois.


War Chief Bonus: Boosts speed of nearby units, start with 200 population slots automatically. Have unique Teepees, which you can only build up to 10 (exception when card sent) to provide a little health bonus to nearby, friendly units.


War Chief Bonus: Doubles experience gained in combat by nearby units, have warrior priests that can heal or count as 2 people at the firepit. Start with one Warrior Priest. Except ordinary War Hut, Noble's Hut also acts as a blockhouse, but with a longer range.

Asian Dynasties Expansion


Civilization Bonus: This civilization can build villages that support more population than houses, and has migration cards that allow them to spawn one villager at each town center and village. Trains infantry and cavalry in groups. Only get one monk at the start of the game, along with a disciple.
Unique Units: Chu-ko-nu, Steppe Riders, Flamethrower, Flying Crow, Hand Mortar,
Home City: Beijing


Civilization Bonus: This civilization can build Sacred Fields to increase livestock XP. There are no villager cards, but they receive one villager with each shipment All villagers that are not shipped from the Home City cost wood instead of food.
Unique Units: Mahout Lancer, Sowar, Zamburak, Howdah, War Elephant
Home City: Delhi


Civilization Bonus: This civilization does not hunt animals for food. Instead, shrines can act as houses and can be set to produce any resources when built close to animals for bonus production. Japanese may also build cherry orchards, which are built from freely-obtained Rickshaws. As a special advantage, most cards in the Japanese Home City may be sent twice.
Unique Units: Hatamoto Samurai, Daimyo, Flaming Arrow Artillery
Home City: Edo

Napoleonic Era Expansion

The project has been kept on hold due to Ensemble Studios closing after the release of Halo Wars.

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