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In-game, the civilization bonuses are shown in the civilization's technology tree.

A civilization bonus is an innate bonus in that applies to a player's civilization from the start of each game. Civilization bonuses are fixed. Thus, they cannot be lost or changed. They are featured in Age of Empires, Age of Empires II, and Age of Empires IV. Together with a civilization's individual technology tree, these bonuses are what makes every civilization special and determines its nature.

In Full Tech Tree games, all civilization bonuses are lost.

In Age of Mythology and Age of Empires III, civilizations distinguish themselves through different sets of units, buildings, improvements, gods, and Home City Cards rather than through individual bonuses.

Every civilization has two to six bonuses affecting only the civilization itself, and one additional team bonus (except in Age of Empires IV) that affects the civilization as well as all allies. A civilization bonus and another civilization's team bonus can stack, e.g. if the Malians are allied with the Vikings, their Docks only cost 109 wood (150 base cost - 15% civilization bonus - 15% Viking team bonus = 109).

The list does not contain unique units, unique technologies, unique buildings, or any technology tree information, all of which can be found at the respective civilization's page.

Age of Empires[]

Assyrians AoE Assyrians[]

Babylonians AoE Babylonians[]

Carthaginians AoE Carthaginians[]

Choson AoE Choson[]

Egyptians AoE Egyptians[]

Greeks AoE Greeks[]

Hittites AoE Hittites[]

Lac Viet AoE Lac Viet[]

Macedonians AoE Macedonians[]

Minoans AoE Minoans[]

  • Ships cost -15%/-20%/-25%/-30% in the Stone/Tool/Bronze/Iron Age.
  • Improved Bowman-line +1/+2 range in the Bronze/Iron Age.
  • Farmers work 10% faster.*
  • Team bonus: Docks cost -20%.

Palmyrans AoE Palmyrans[]

Persians AoE Persians[]

Phoenicians AoE Phoenicians[]

Romans AoE Romans[]

Shang AoE Shang[]

Sumerians AoE Sumerians[]

Yamato AoE Yamato[]

Age of Empires II[]

Armenians AoE2 Armenians[]

Aztecs AoE2 Aztecs[]

Bengalis AoE2 Bengalis[]

  • Team bonus: Trade units yield 10% food in addition to gold.

Berbers AoE2 Berbers[]

  • Villagers move 5% faster in Dark Age, 10% faster starting in Feudal Age.
  • Stable units are 15%/20% cheaper in the Castle/Imperial Age.
  • Ships move 10% faster.

Bohemians AoE2 Bohemians[]

  • Team bonus: Markets work 80% faster.

Britons AoE2 Britons[]

Bulgarians AoE2 Bulgarians[]

Burgundians AoE2 Burgundians[]

  • Team bonus: Relics generate 0.5 food/s in addition to gold.

Burmese AoE2 Burmese[]

  • Team bonus: Relics are visible on the map from the game start.

Byzantines AoE2 Byzantines[]

  • Team bonus: Monks heal 100% faster.

Celts AoE2 Celts[]

  • Team bonus: Siege Workshops work 20% faster.

Chinese AoE2 Chinese[]

Cumans AoE2 Cumans[]

Dravidians AoE2 Dravidians[]

Ethiopians AoE2 Ethiopians[]

  • The Archer line fires 18% faster.
  • Receive +100 food, +100 gold whenever a new Age is reached.
  • The Pikeman upgrade is free.

Franks AoE2 Franks[]

  • Farm upgrades are free.
  • Castles are 15%/25% cheaper in the Castle/Imperial Age.
  • Mounted units have +20% hit points (starting in the Feudal Age).
  • Foragers work 15% faster.

Georgians AoE2 Georgians[]

  • Start with a Mule Cart.
  • Fortified Churches provide +10% work rate to Villagers[note 13] in a 19 tile square.[note 14]
  • Units and buildings receive -20% damage (-40% instead of -25%) when fighting from higher elevation.
  • Cavalry regenerate 5/10/15 hit points per minute in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
  • Team bonus: Repairing buildings costs -25% resources.

Goths AoE2 Goths[]

  • Team bonus: Barracks work 20% faster.

Gurjaras AoE2 Gurjaras[]

Hindustanis AoE2 Hindustanis[]

Huns AoE2 Huns[]

  • Team bonus: Stables work 20% faster.

Incas AoE2 Incas[]

  • Team bonus: Start with a free Llama.

Italians AoE2 Italians[]

Japanese AoE2 Japanese[]

Khmer AoE2 Khmer[]

  • No buildings are required to advance to the next age or to unlock other buildings.
  • Battle Elephants move 10% faster.
  • Farmers don't carry food but rather add it directly to the stockpile without any drop-off, but work 5% slower.
  • Villagers (and Kings) can garrison in Houses.

Koreans AoE2 Koreans[]

  • Team bonus: The Mangonel line minimum range is reduced to 1.

Lithuanians AoE2 Lithuanians[]

  • Each Town Center provides +100 food.
  • Spearman line and Skirmishers move 10% faster.
  • Each garrisoned Relic gives +1 attack to Knights and Leitis (maximum +4).

Magyars AoE2 Magyars[]

  • Team bonus: Mounted archers are trained 25% faster.

Malay AoE2 Malay[]

Malians AoE2 Malians[]

Mayans AoE2 Mayans[]

  • Start the game with an Eagle Scout.
  • Start the game with +1 Villager, but with -50 food.
  • Resources last 15% longer.[note 21]
  • Foot archers (except Skirmishers) are 10%/20%/30% cheaper in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
  • Team bonus: Walls and gates (both Palisade and Stone) are 50% cheaper.

Mongols AoE2 Mongols[]

  • Cavalry archers fire 25% faster.
  • Scout Cavalry-line and Steppe Lancers +20/30% hit points in the Castle/Imperial Age.[note 22]
  • Hunters work 40% faster.

Persians AoE2 Persians[]

Poles AoE2 Poles[]

  • Villagers regenerate 10/15/20 HP per minute in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
  • Stone miners generate 33% gold in addition to stone.

Portuguese AoE2 Portuguese[]

  • All units cost –20% gold.
  • All ships have +10% hit points.
  • Foragers generate wood in addition to food (0.33 wood per food).

Romans AoE2 Romans[]

  • Team bonus: The Scorpion-line's minimum range is reduced to 1.

Saracens AoE2 Saracens[]

Sicilians AoE2 Sicilians[]

Slavs AoE2 Slavs[]

Spanish AoE2 Spanish[]

Tatars AoE2 Tatars[]

Teutons AoE2 Teutons[]

Turks AoE2 Turks[]

Vietnamese AoE2 Vietnamese[]

Vikings AoE2 Vikings[]

  • Wheelbarrow and Hand Cart free.
  • Warships cost -15%/-15%/-20% in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
  • Infantry have +20% hit points starting from the Feudal Age.
  • Team bonus: Docks are 15% cheaper.

Age of Empires IV[]

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  1. As of DE CU11, the bonus actually makes every second blow of Short Swordsmen line commence twice as fast, as if the rate of fire (RoF) was 0.75 seconds instead of 1.5 seconds like a generic Short Swordsman; however, every first attack's RoF is set to normal 1.5 sec. It also counts in the attack delay (AD) of a Short Swordsman (0.75 sec., unchanged for Romans), so the first two blows of the initial attack (after the AD) are dealt with RoF of 0.75 sec. Thus, Roman Short Swordsman, after reaching its target (the animation of the attack has just started), deals damage with the following cooldowns (every "→" means the damage is dealt): 0.75 sec. delay because of AD → 0.75 sec. delay due to increased RoF mitigating AD → 0.75 sec. because of increased RoF bonus → 1.5 sec. generic delay → 0.75 sec. → 1.5 sec. → 0.75 sec, which combines for 5.25 sec.; generic civilization would have 8.25 sec. instead. This lead to a slightly higher actual bonus RoF for the first blows.
  1. This means that:
    • DoubleBitAxe aoe2DE Double-Bit Axe and BowSawDE Bow Saw provide +28% boost instead of +20%.
    • All mining upgrades provide +21% boost instead of +15%.
  2. Hence, the Militia, Man-at-Arms, and Condottiero are excluded
  3. This is internally handled by the units, instead of the buildings. This means that this bonus applies to any buildings converted by the Aztecs, but not any buildings converted from the Aztecs (the opposite of standard behavior).
  4. "Bonus damage" is incoming damage of all armor classes except for melee or pierce damage. For more details, see Armor class (Age of Empires II).
  5. Minimum conversion interval increased by +3, and maximum conversion interval increased by +1. For more details, see conversion.
  6. Essentially, Bohemian spear units deal +25% attack vs mounted units. For more details, see Armor class (Age of Empires II).
  7. Man-at-Arms, Long Swordsman, and Two-Handed Swordsman upgrades are free.
  8. The affected technologies are:
  9. The bonus modifies all existing attack classes of the unit (e.g. Hand Cannoneer receives ×1.25 attack multiplier towards its pierce damage, anti-infantry damage, and anti-spearman damage). For more details, see Armor class (Age of Empires II).
  10. While commonly quoted as "enemy", the ability to convert herdable animals also works on allied and neutral players too. The ability does not work on other Celt players irrespective of their diplomatic stance. The ability is called "Dominant Line of Sight" behind the scenes.
  11. The bonus is applied after farm upgrades, so a Farm with Horse Collar researched starts with food. In reality, the rate varies and is not exactly 10%, as elaborated in this section on the Farm page.
  12. For any additional Town Centers built in the Feudal Age, the construction time is increased by 80% (2:30 → 4:30 minutes construction time); this includes the situation where the player has lost their starting Town Center. The debuff is removed instantly upon reaching the Castle Age, even for a Town Center whose foundation was laid in the Feudal Age.
  13. Similar to the Roman bonus, it includes constructing and repairing.
  14. The influence zone is a square, with the maximum distance being a chess-board distance of 8 tiles measured from all edges of the Fortified Church.
  15. The bonus works by allowing Docks to garrison ships. Docks naturally have 10 garrison space to allow newly created units to remain garrisoned by default. Among ships, only Fishing Ships have the permission (see Tasks in Genie Editor) to garrison. Combining all these and the standard rules for garrison, Gurjara Docks can garrison max 10 Fishing Ships of their allies.
  16. Gurjara sheep food generation graph

    Cumulative food generation rates for various numbers of Sheep stored in Mills, before and after update 66692

    The formula used for this is:
    Food generated per minute , where
    Total Food of livestock stored across all Mills
    Natural Logarithm function
  17. The following units are considered light cavalry units: Scout Cavalry line, Magyar Huszar, Steppe Lancer, and Shrivamsha Rider.
  18. Meaning their accuracy against units is raised from 15% to 50%.
  19. Villagers have +30 attack bonus against the Predator Animal armor class, which ensures that they can kill any 25 HP predator in one strike, even when attacking from downhill.
  20. This bonus has three implications:
    • Gold miners work 10% faster.
    • Gold mines have +10% gold.
    • Gold miners have +10% carry capacity.
  21. Due to the way this bonus works (lowered work rates are multiplied by higher resource gains), farming is ~2.5% / 5.5% / 2.5% slower with no upgrades / Wheelbarrow / Hand Cart, respectively (slightly lower difference with Heavy Plow researched) Source: Reddit – 'Some updated & completed Farming Workrate Values for the tail end of 2017'.
  22. The bonus is applied before Bloodlines, so a Mongol Light Cavalry has hit points without Bloodlines and hit points with Bloodlines in the Imperial Age.
  23. The Saracen team bonus displays +2 in the technology tree, even though it gives +3 attack against the standard building armor class. This is by design, since the description is meant to tell players about the effect in practice, not the value in the data files. Archers typically do a minimum damage of 1 against buildings. The +3 attack bonus against buildings results in an additional 2 damage being dealt to buildings; hence the +2 in the technology tree.
    However, in some cases the extra damage is indeed +3, such as against buildings with low pierce armor (Outposts, palisades, and Gates). For example, a Feudal Age Saracen Archer (4 pierce damage) attacking an Outpost (0 pierce armor) deals 7 damage instead of 4.
    The Saracen team bonus affects Skirmishers and Slingers because they are in the same unit class as the Archer-line. It does not affect Hand Cannoneers, because they have their own unit class.
  24. Requires a Town Center to be built first.
  25. Requires a Town Center to be built first, which means it does not apply to the first Town Center on Nomadic starts.
  26. "Bonus damage" is incoming damage of all armor classes except for melee or pierce damage. It is also applied to Gaia damage, i.e. reduces the bonus damage of Wild Boars versus cavalry. "Land military units" excludes Monks. The bonus does not apply to hill bonus/cliff damage.
    • The bonus is applied to units and is thus preserved for other civilizations upon conversion. Conversely, if a Sicilian Monk converts a non-Sicilian unit, the latter will not receive the bonus damage reduction.
    • In practical cases, the bonus applies to (foot and mounted) archers, infantry, and cavalry. Note that while Petards are affected, normal Petards do not take any bonus damage to begin with. The bonus also applies to Flaming Camels and all Hand Cannoneers in scenario editor.
  27. For a total of 344 food after Horse Collar, 625 food after Heavy Plow, and 1019 food after Crop Rotation.
  28. Ballistics-like effect without the need to research the technology
  29. At 7 tiles per second instead of the regular 3.5 (unmentioned in the tech tree).
  30. Applies to Hand Cannoneers, Bombard Cannons, and Cannon Galleons. Does not apply to Conquistadors, but they have a base reload time of 2.9, the same as a Spanish Hand Cannoneer.
  31. Technically Villagers can extract +57% food assuming no rotting, but considering gathering by five to six Villagers and standard rotting rates, the average food collected is +50% over normal.
  32. Buildings are also affected.
  33. The bonus only applies to the primary projectiles of projectile units. As such, it does not affect Town Centers and only applies to the first projectile of other defensive structures and Mercenary Kipchaks. In a broader context, it applies to all projectiles of (converted) Organ Guns and Dromons, since all of their projectiles are primary.
  34. Since update 47820, the 50% cost reduction only applies to the Bombard Tower technology and the Elite Cannon Galleon upgrade. It also applied to the Cannon Galleon technology before it was removed from the game with update 47820 and to Hand Cannon and the Bombard Cannon technologies before they were removed in The Conquerors. It does not apply to Artillery or the Elite Janissary upgrade.
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