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This article is about the civilizations in Age of Empires IV. For the civilizations in the other games of the series, see Civilization.
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Eight playable civilizations were available at the release of Age of Empires IV. Two additional civilizations were later added as a free expansion. Six more civilizations were added with The Sultans Ascend, four of which are variant civilizations based on existing options. In addition, there are also some campaign-only civilizations.

Each civilization features one or more unique units and a variety of unique technologies, in addition to a set of special bonuses. Listed below are all civilizations in Age of Empires IV, along with their civilization properties and focuses. Focus doesn't mean the civilization is limited to the given playstyle, but that its specific bonuses, units, and/or available technologies and upgrades support these specific playstyles and unit compositions more than others.

Abbasid Dynasty AoE4 Abbasid Dynasty[]


Difficulty: 2/3

AD 750-1517

  • Technology, Camels, and City Planning: The Abbasid Dynasty pursues a flourishing Golden Age by concentrating structures around their House of Wisdom, allowing them to unlock significant economic advantages. The House of Wisdom also drives progress through the Ages and grants access to advanced technology. Abbasid camel units are expert at countering enemy cavalry.
  • Cavalry Fighters: Particularly good at countering cavalry-based armies.
  • Golden Age: Build towards your civilization's Golden Age - improving research, production, and gathering speeds.
  • Pursuit of Knowledge: Embrace the Abbasids' pursuit of knowledge through unique technologies located in their House of Wisdom structure.

Ayyubids AoE4 Ayyubids[]

CivPortrait Ayyubids AoE4

Difficulty: 2/3

AD 750-1517

  • Adaptable, Camels, City Planning: At the confluence of continents, where trade and science meet, and where empires clash, the Ayyubids use their pursuit of knowledge to gain the upper hand. The House of Wisdom is the focal point of this combination of urbanization and science, unlocking powerful Golden Age bonuses and advancing through the ages. The Ayyubids focus on versatile units to gain a tactical advantage on the battlefield.
  • Adaptable Commander: Advance through the ages by choosing from 8 unique wings on the House of Wisdom. Gain immediate access to bonuses for Economy, Technology, and Military without requiring any upgrade in order to adapt the civilization to the needs of battle. Each Wing provides more powerful bonuses when constructed in later Ages.
  • Camel Fighters: Camels spook enemy horse cavalry with their presence, reducing their damage by -20%
  • Siegecraft Masters: Infantry can construct Siege Engines on the field without the need for Siege Engineering technology.
  • Grand Orchards: Cultivate Berry Bushes into Orchards by building Mills near them, increasing food capacity by +100. Villagers gather berry bushes 30% faster, but cannot gather from Boar. Villagers carry 3+ Food from Berry Bushes.
  • Trade Economy: Land Traders are 33% cheaper.
  • Dockyards: Docks can be constructed for -50% wood
  • Golden Age: Build towards your Golden Age - improving economy, technology, and military. Buildings within the House of Wisdom's influence receive +5 fire armor and contribute one point towards the Golden Age. The threwhold for unlocks are 10, 20, 30, 50, and 75 buildings.
  • Tier 1: Villager gather rate +10%
  • Tier 2: Research speed +50%
  • Tier 3: Production speed +20%
  • Tier 4: Siege units cost 20% less resources to produce
  • Tier 5: Camel Units attack 20% faster.
Unique units
  • Desert Raider: versatile camel rider who can switch between ranged and melee modes.
  • Camel Lancer: Heavy camel with a powerful charge attack.
  • Dervish: mounted religious unit with an powerful heal ability.
  • Manjaniq: Unique mangonel which can use an incendiary mode to deal damage in a greatly increased area.
  • Tower of the Sultan: behemoth siege weapon crewed by archers and equipped with a battering ram for devastating damage against buildings

Byzantines AoE4 Byzantines[]

CivPortrait Byzantines AoE4

Difficulty: 3/3

AD 330-1453

  • City Planning, Mercenaries, Defense: The Byzantines construct sprawling networks of life-giving aqueducts and Cisterns. Leverage powerful unique abilities and hire Mercenaries with exquisite Olive Oil. Peasants work tirelessly to manufacture Olive Oil for the empire
  • Olive Oil: Collect a unique resource that is used to hire mercenary units. Villagers generate +50% Olive Oil when gathering Food from Berry Bushes, +20% from Olive Groves, and +10% from shore fish
  • Fishing Boats generate +20% Olive Oil from Food and Traders provide +20% on trades.
  • Mercenaries: Purchase contracts or establish control of Trade Posts to recruit unique units from other civilization with Olive Oil at the Mercenary House.
  • Cisterns And Aqueducts: Cisterns provide nearby Villagers with boosted gather rates and an influence that enhances nearby buildings, improving unit production speed, research speed, or building defense.
  • Construct an Aqueduct network and connect them to Cisterns to increase its bonus output.
  • Field Stones: Gather Stone from every building constructed. Building size determines the amount of Stone Collected.
  • Greek Fire: Cheirosiphons, Dromons, and upgraded Trebuchets fling Greek Fire with their attacks, engulfing the area in flames for damage over time
  • Mangonel Emplacements: Outposts and Keeps can be upgraded with Mangonel Emplacements. Stone Wall Towers come equipped with Mangonel Emplacements instead of Springalds.
Unique Units
  • Limitanei: Spearman replacement. Light melee infantry with the shield wall ability to increase ranged armor at the cost of move speed.
  • Varangian Guard: Man-at-Arms replacement. Use the berserking ability to increase damage at the cost of armor. Can construct Transport ships and increase armor of transports when garrisoned.
  • Cataphract: Knight replacement. Heavy cavalry with Trample, a powerful targeted ability that runs through and damages enemies in its path
  • Cheirosiphon: A ram equipped with a short ranged Greek Fire attack.
  • Dromon: Springald Ship replacement. Equipped with Greek Fire

Chinese AoE4 Chinese[]


Difficulty: 3/3

AD 907-1644

  • Dynasties, Gunpowder and Taxes: The Chinese can shift their focus across the ages, deploying many unique units and building rapidly. Enemies must continually adapt if they want to keep up.
  • Great Dynasties: Construct both Landmarks in an age to start Dynasties with unique bonuses, buildings, and units.
  • Fire Medicine: Immediately gain access to gunpowder units and technology in the Imperial Age (IV) without needing to research Chemistry.

Delhi Sultanate AoE4 Delhi Sultanate[]


Difficulty: 3/3

AD 879-1526

  • Elephants, Research, and Religion: The Delhi Sultanate stays many steps ahead of their enemies with great networks of scholars. Fully realized, they field the intimidating War Elephant and trample those in their path.
  • Scholarly Culture: Research all technology for free. Research can be stopped and resumed but it progresses at a much slower rate without the help of religious scholars.
  • Frontier Fortifications: Establish fortified settlements using military units that can build palisades. Keeps gain access to a free weapon emplacement once constructed.
  • Garden Bounty: Cultivate Berry Bushes into Orchards by building mills near them. Orchards yield a higher amount of Food.

English AoE4 English[]


Difficulty: 1/3

AD 850-1555

  • Defense, Longbows and Farming: Exceptional early infantry provide the English with a powerful punch backed up by reliable Food production from the fields.
  • Network of Castles: Protect the frontier with Town Centers, Outposts, Towers, and Keeps that increase the attack speed of nearby units when invaders are detected.
  • Island of Agriculture: Build Farms for 50% less Wood and that have increased efficiency within the influence of a Mill.
  • Defensive Byrig: Keep what's yours with the Vanguard Man-at-Arms heavy infantry in the Dark Age (I). Villagers fight with bows rather than farm implements and Town Centers fire twice as many arrows as normal at nearby enemies.

French AoE4 French[]


Difficulty 1/3

AD 840-1559

  • Trade, Cavalry, and Keeps: The French deploy powerful cavalry units and can boost production in fortified positions. Enemies must be prepared to withstand the charges of Powerful Royal Knights and other armored units.
  • Mounted Combat: Battle with improved cavalry units wielding more powerful weaponry and technologies.
  • Mainland economy: Wield a superior economy with cheaper resource drop-offs, economic technologies, and more versatile Traders.
  • Productive Front: Maintain offensives with Keeps that reduce the cost of units produced from Archery Ranges and Stables within their influence.

HRE AoE4 Holy Roman Empire[]


Difficulty: 2/3

AD 936-1517

  • Infantry, Religion and Defense: Prelates enhance the economy of the Holy Roman Empire, while powerful infantry units form the core of its military. Enemies must face an opponent able to rapidly recover from attacks and field strong counterattacks.
  • Army of the Empire: Upgrade infantry with impactful technology and field the sturdy Man-at-Arms earlier than other civilizations.
  • Religious Zeal: Extract additional Gold from Relics and inspire units with Prelates produced from the Town Center.
  • Influence: Buildings constructed within the influence of a Town Center or Keep gain the Emergency Repairs ability which can be activated to repair the building.

Japanese AoE4 Japanese[]


Difficulty: 2/3

AD 794-1616

  • Agriculture, Bannermen, Infantry: Ruling over the Japanese land, the Daimyo enhances agriculture and employs samurai to defend their territory. The unique Forge works tirelessly to sharpen their blades to give an edge in battle. Fierce Samurai bannermen lead their diverse army of infantry and cavalry to victory.
  • Daimyo: Town Centers can be upgraded into special buildings called the Daimyo Manor Daimyo Palace, and Shogunate Castle. These buildings provide bonuses to nearby Villagers working farms by 25%, 50%, 75%, increases the capacity of samurai bannerman by +1, +2, +3, and improves its defenses
  • Hatamoto Samurai: Field elite Samurai Bannermen that provide +15% bonus damage to nearby infantry and cavalry. Bannermen Samurai drop their banners when killed, providing the same effect for a duration.
  • Calm of Mind: Produce Samurai in the Dark Age (I). Samurai have the Deflective Armor ability which can periodically block melee of ranged attacks.
  • Farmhouse & Forge The Forge is a Gold and Stone drop-off and replaces the Mining Camp and Blacksmith. Additionally, it provides extra melee damage technology in the Dark Age (I).
  • Oda's Fortress: Access a more powerful Keep in the Imperial Age (IV) that comes with increased health and rocket emplacements for a higher cost. Rockets attack quickly and deal massive damage to single targets.
  • Silver Mining: When villagers deposit Gold, 20% extra Stone is also produced and vice versa
  • Religious Choice: Select between Shinto and Buddhism with your choice of Age III Landmark. If choosing Shinto, you unlock the Shinto Priest. If choosing Buddhism, you unlock the Buddhist Monk. These religious units offer unique bonuses
  • Fishing Village: Fishing Boats are produced 30% cheaper.
Unique Units
  • Samurai: Man-at Arms replacement. Heavy melee infantry that have Deflective Armor which can block melee and ranged attacks.
  • Mounted Samurai: Lancer replacement. Heavy melee cavalry with Defective Armor
  • Yumi Ashigaru: Archer with improved move speed for reduced cost and health
  • Onna-Bugeisha: Light melee infantry that can use their fast move speed and long weapon range to keep their opponent on alert.
  • Onna-Musha: Crossbowman replacement. Cavalry Archer that can use increased mobility to harass heavy targets.
  • Shinobi: Espionage unit that can act as a spy, sabotage buildings, or assassinate targets. Produced from the Koka Township Landmark
  • Ozutsu: Heavy ranged gunpowder infantry that has a huge handheld cannon with high siege and splash damage. Produced from the Tanegashima Gunsmith Landmark.

Jeanne d Arc AoE4 Jeanne d'Arc[]

CivPortrait-Jeanne d'Arc AoE4

AD 1412-1431

  • Trade, Cavalry, Hero: A spark of hope for the French people, Jeanne d'Arc takes to the battlefield and inspires courage to her followers. Starting as a humble villager, Jeanne begins the journey of a Hero in the Dark Age. Experience forges Jeanne into a powerful leader, gaining access to trusted companions and powerful abilities which shape the empire she was destined to create
  • Journey of a Hero: Jeanne d'Arc is present on the battlefield. A heroic unit who gains experience for completing tasks such as gathering resources, constructing buildings, and participating in combat. After accruing enough experience, Jeanne may level up to obtain powerful economic and combat abilities.
  • Royal Stallions: Deploy the Royal Knight in the Feudal Age (II) and research powerful unique technologies for cavalry.
  • Galvanized Economy: The people work harder under Jeanne d'Arc's leadership. Economic upgrades are 30% cheaper.
  • Trade Economy: Choose to return Food, Wood, or Gold to Markets with Traders and Trade Ships. Trade Ships return +20% more resources. Trade Posts are revealed on the minimap at the start of the game.
Unique Units
  • Jeanne d'Arc A Hero unit that starts as a villager, Jeanne begins the journey of a Hero to gain powerful abilities.
  • Jeanne's Rider: Fast Cavalry effective at raiding, flanking, and countering Crossbows, becomes available once Jeanne achieves level 3.
  • Jeanne's Champion: Tough infantry that excels at countering Spearman, becomes available once Jeanne achieves level 3.
  • Royal Knight: Heavy Cavalry that gains +3 bonus damage for 5 seconds after completing a charge.
  • Arbalétrier: Crossbowman with 1+ melee armor that can deploy a defensive Pavise to provide +5 ranged armor and +1 weapon range for 30 seconds.
  • Cannon: Bombard replacement with more damage, mobility, and no setup time
  • Galleass: Large war galley that has a long range forward mounted bombard.
  • War Cog: Unique springald Ship with reduced cost and increased pierce armor.

Malians AoE4 Malians[]


Difficulty 3/3

AD 1235-1670

  • Gold Economy, Infantry, Cattle: The Malian economy boons with options for gold and food production. Claiming gold deposits for their Pit Mines, they leverage that growth to produce unique infantry units that strike from stealth and hurl javelins at enemies.
  • Pit Mines: Wield a superior Gold economy and construct the Pit Mine over top of Gold Veins in the Dark Age (I) to generate Gold without depleting it. Villagers can mine Gold while the Pit Mine is active. If the Gold Vein is completely exhausted, the Pit Mine will continue to extract Gold from the deposit.
  • Influence - Mining Communities: Each House and Mining Camp constructed within the influence of Pit Mines increases its Gold generation.
  • Cattle & Ranches: Produce Cattle from Mills in the Dark Age (I). Cattle can be harvested quickly by Villagers for Food or garrisoned in the unique Cattle Ranch building for Food over time.
  • Musofadi Pathfinder: Musofadi Warrior and Musofadi Gunner unique units can use the Activate Stealth ability to sneak around and create ambush opportunities.
  • Toll Outposts: Traders and Trade Ships that pass by Toll Outposts instantly provide bonus Gold based on the amount of Gold being carried.
  • Manuscript Trade: Gold collected from completed Trader routes lower the research time of future technologies.
  • Local Waters: Movement speed of all ships increased when near Docks.

Mongols AoE4 Mongols[]


Difficulty 3/3

AD 1000-1500

  • Aggression, Cavalry, and Nomadic: Masters of mobility and mounted warfare, the Mongols can easily relocate their camps. They gain economic benefits from setting up near Stone Outcroppings and from raiding enemy buildings. Enemies must deal with cavalry attacks from the opening moments of play.
  • Great Dominion: Forgo the need to build houses and begin with maximum population. Traders provide bonus resources when produced in large numbers.
  • Sacred Ovoos: Extract valuable Stone using the Ovoo. Villagers cannot gather stone, nor can it be gained through the market or tribute. The Ovoo provides improved unit production and research to buildings within its influence area.
  • Khanate: Field a singular mighty Khan to provide powerful bonuses to all nearby military units with Signal Arrows. Early cavalry are excellent raiders and all units gain bonus resources by igniting enemy buildings.

Order of the Dragon AoE4 Order of the Dragon[]


Difficulty 1/3

AD 1408-1437

  • Quality, Infantry, Defense: The Order of the Dragon is established by handpicked wealthy elites to crush hostile empires. Investing large amounts of resources into training only a few exceptional warriors, the Order succeeds in raising an elite army unlike any other
  • Call of the Dragon: Villagers gather +25% quicker and construct buildings +20% faster, but cost 20% more food to train
  • Dragon Might: Research technologies like Heavy Torches, Scale Armor, and War Horses to further strengthen the might of the Order.
  • Emplacement Architecture: All emplacement technologies are -25% cheaper. Outpost sight range increased by +25%
  • Pushcarts: Villagers carry +40% more resources than other civilizations
  • Influence: Buildings constructed within the influence of a town center gain the Emergency Repairs ability which can be activated to repair the buildings for +150 health every second for 20 seconds
  • Unique Units: The elite infantry and cavalry units of the order - such as the gilded Man-at-Arms, the Gilded Knight and others - have nearly twice the health of regular units and deal significantly more damage. However, they are much more costly to train and take up double the population space

Ottomans AoE4 Ottomans[]


Difficulty 2/3

AD 990-1566

  • Imperial Council, Military Schools, and Siege: The Ottoman Army can expand to dominate the battlefield, Supported by Military Schools that are able to continuously produce units to swell the ranks of their formations. Supporting those formations, the Mehter war drums signal the highly trained troops to take situational advantage
  • Military School Training: Construct the Military School building that can produce a specific type of unit continuously at no cost, however they are produced at a slower rate.
  • Imperial Council: Training units and advancing through the ages will grant experience towards Vizier Points, the higher cost of the action, the more experience earned. Gain up to five Vizier Points and spend them to unlock powerful unique Ottoman bonuses.
  • Shipping Routes: Movement speed of Trade Ships and Transport ships increased.
  • Influence: Military production buildings constructed within the influence of a Blacksmith of University gain increased production speed with each age up

Rus AoE4 Rus[]


Difficulty 2/3

AD 882-1547

  • Expansion, Cavalry, and Hunting: The Rus derive great benefit from the countryside. They are able to gather resources more readily from hunting and forestry and can field strong combat units. Enemies face strong early game fortifications and a diverse economy that cannot be easily disrupted.
  • Woodland Federation: Fortify the countryside with Wooden Fortresses and improved Palisades. Lumber Camps within the influence of Wooden Fortresses gain additional Wood from Villagers dropping off resources.
  • Hunter Princes: Live off the land with more capable Scouts built from special Hunting Cabins. Hunting Cabins provide all the benefits of a standard Mill but with the ability to generate a tidy Gold income.
  • Druzhina Retinue: Field the armored Knight earlier than other civilizations.

Zhu Xis Legacy AoE4 Zhu Xi's Legacy[]

  • Dynasties, Taxes, Technology: The teachings of philosopher Zhu Xi reshape the Chinese civilization. With Zhu Xi's Legacy, the Chinese boast a sophisticated administration with superior Imperial Officials and advanced technologies. The brimming treasury helps to establish powerful dynasties and research a breadth of unique technologies. Recruit Palace Guards, Zhuge Nus, and Grenadiers early on to protect the empire.
  • Great Dynasties: Start your Journey in the Tang Dynasty - Landmark costs are reduced by -15% and the village is unlocked.

    Construct both Landmarks in an Age to start Dynasties with special bonuses, unique buildings, and units.
    • Song: Wood cost of non-military buildings is discounted by -40% - unlocks construction of the granary.
    • Yuan: 10% discount on all units - unlocks construction of the Pagoda.
    • Ming: Chinese Unique Units deal +15% damage.
  • Taxes: Units trained, technologies researched, and resources dropped off generate tax (Gold) that can be collected by Imperial Officials. Unique administrative technologies from the Mount Lu Academy and Zhu Xi's Library vastly improved Imperial Officials
  • Dynasty Units: Access the Zhuge Nu and the Grenadier without establishing dynasties. Landmarks can unlock powerful shaolin monks, Yuan Raiders, and Imperial Guards. Early Palace Guards can be trained in the Feudal Age.
  • Masters of Gunpowder: Begin the game with Chemistry technology granted for free - defensive buildings use Handcannon Slits over Defensive Arrowslits.
  • Rapid Fabrications: Villagers construct defenses +50% faster and all other buildings +100% faster. Docks work +20% faster.
  • Protect the Palace: Train Early Palace Guards in the Feudal Age (II) to protect the emperor.
Unique Units
  • Imperial Official: Use the Supervise ability to boost the production speed of research and military buildings by +150% - supervising economic buildings increases the amount of resources dropped off by villagers by +20%
  • Zhuge Nu: Archer replacement. Light ranged infantry with a rapid burst attack effective vs. light units.
  • Palace Guard: Man-at-Arms replacement. Heavy melee infantry that exchanges armor for move speed.
  • Nest of Bees: Mangonel replacement. Siege engine that fires a barrage of rockets, doing Area of Effect damage.
  • Grenadier: Light ranged gunpowder infantry that throws grenades dealing Area of Effect damage.


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