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The City Wall (or Tall Wall in the standard version) is an unconstructable wall in Age of Empires II. City Walls are only available in the Scenario Editor.

Campaign appearances[]

Genghis Khan[]

  • The Promise: A keep in the center of the map is defended by walls containing two city walls.


  • The Night Falls: Peonari Castle is surrounded by City Walls in the northern corner, and a single City Wall in the Wallachia town.


  • City Walls use the same sprites as the original Central European/German buildset Fortified Walls from the 1998 pre-release builds for the original game.
  • Originally, City Walls were inaccessible without modding in the standard versions of Age of Empires II. The Forgotten added the City Wall to the Scenario Editor, and the Definitive Edition added City Gates, which were previously absent.