The Citizen is the worker unit for the Atlanteans in Age of Mythology: The Titans. Citizens are three times as expensive as regular workers and take up three population slots, but work nearly three times as fast. Each Citizen is accompanied by a pack mule, which means they do not need to visit a drop site. Instead, they add resources straight to the stockpile. This makes them much more efficient at gathering resources, particularly when hunting and woodcutting, which can otherwise have long walk times.

Citizens also build buildings more quickly than other workers. They have far more hit points and are much less likely to be killed by wild animals, though they are slow, so escaping enemy raids is more difficult.

Tasks Edit

Citizens can be assigned to perform the following tasks:

  • gather food from Farms and Berry Bushes
  • slaughter domestic animals then gather food from them
  • hunt wild animals and gather food from them
  • chop down trees and gather wood
  • mine gold
  • build buildings
  • repair buildings

Buildings Edit

Citizens can build the following buildings:

Archaic Age:

Classical Age:

Heroic Age:

Mythic Age:

Worshiping Oranos enables Citizens to build Sky Passages, and worshiping Helios allows the building of Mirror Towers.

Technologies Edit

The Economic Guild provides the following technologies:

  • HandAxe Hand Axe increases the gather rate of wood by 10%.
  • BowSaw Bow Saw also increases the gather rate of wood by 10%.
  • Carpenters Carpenters also increases the gather rate of wood by 10%.
  • Pickaxe Pickaxe increases the gather rate of gold by 10%.
  • ShaftMine Shaft Mine also increases the gather rate of gold by 10%.
  • Quarry Quarry also increases the gather rate of gold by 10%.
  • HuntingDogsAOM Hunting Dogs increases the gather rate of food from hunted animals by 30%.
  • HusbandryAOM Husbandry increases the gather rate of food from herd animals by 20%.
  • PlowAOM Plow increases the gather rate of food from Farms by 10%.
  • IrrigationAOM Irrigation further increases the gather rate of food from Farms by 10%.
  • FloodControl Flood Control further increases the gather rate of food from Farms by 10%.

Myth Technologies Edit

Worshiping certain gods enables players to research myth technologies that improve Citizens.



Citizen Hero Edit

Like Atlantean human soldiers, Citizens can also be upgraded into heroes which allows them to work more effectively. Also, any Citizen promoted to a hero can then be replaced with a normal Citizen. So with a Hero Citizen build limit of 10 and Citizen limit of 25, Atlanteans can effectively train 35 workers. Although Hero Citizens are faster, stronger, and benefit from Armory upgrades and Hyperion's Heroic Renewal technology, they only gather and build 10% faster than an ordinary Citizen, while taking 33% more precious population (4 instead of 3). Consequently, the hero promotion should be used with care, such as if exceeding the 25 Citizen limit is essential, to fend off enemy myth unit attacks, or in several scenarios in "The New Atlantis" campaign where Citizen availability is severely limited.


History Edit

Citizens form the basis of your economy. Make sure you have enough Citizens to generate a steady inflow of resources. They are tougher than other resource gatherers, but not as tough as soldiers. Building and holding a Settlement will generate Favor.

The greatness of Atlantis was built upon the backs of its remarkable citizenry. Citizens were skilled, educated, very independent and moved freely between the different classes of Atlantean society. In desperate times, Atlantean citizens dropped everything to defend Atlantis.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite appearing to use a donkey, the gamefiles states that it is a Pony [1]
  • The clothing the Citizens wear is visually similar to the traditional clothing of the Basque people.
    • This is most likely a reference to the common hypothesis that the Basques are descendants of Atlantean people that survived the sinking of Atlantis.

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References Edit

  1. Villager X Pony.ddt in the files
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