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Circe is an antagonist in the Fall of the Trident campaign in Age of Mythology. She is a sorceress who rules the island of Aeaea in the Mediterranean Sea.

Circe is a magic-using hero unit that has the ability to fire thunderbolts through her staff, dealing a very large amount of damage. Interestingly, her forked lightning attack has a recharge timer, unlike the similar one of the Son of Osiris, and she can't attack between recharges.


Upon the arrival of Odysseus and his men on the island, she transformed them into pigs, and subsequently transformed Arkantos and Ajax into boars after they too arrived on the island. With the help of Zeus, the men are transformed back into human beings, and afterward, attack and destroy Circe's Fortress before escaping the island. Killing her is not necessary to achieve victory, as long as her Fortress is destroyed.


Age -- 794
Homeland -- Aeaea
Occupation -- sorceress

Special attack -- magic, including turning men to pigs and firing forked lightning bolts

Circe was a daughter of Perse and the sun god, Helios. She is reknown for her encounter with Odysseus and for her knowledge of magic and poisonous herbs. While she imprisoned Odysseus and his men for many years, she later purified the Argonauts for the murder of Apsyrtus.

Odysseus and Circe bore several children, among them Telegonus. According to some myths, Telegonus later tracked down Odysseus, but killed him with a spear made of a stingray spine before recognizing his own father. Odysseus' body was returned to Aeaea to be buried.
—In-game mythology section


  • Circe in-game uses the same voice clip as regular female Greek Villagers.
  • Circe's island, Aeaea, is erroneously found in the Aegean:
    • According to Homer, it was probably located close to Colchis (modern day Georgia), as Aeëtes (father of Medea) was her brother.
    • According to Apollonius of Rhodes, Aeaea was sited on the western coast of Italy.