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"This is for Chiron..."
Ajax, before beheading Kemsyt (disguised as Gargarensis)

Chiron in Greek mythology was a Centaur renowned for his wisdom. In Age of Mythology, he is the Classical Age Hero for Hades and a stronger version of the Centaur unit. Chiron is also a character in the Fall of the Trident campaign. The stats in the table are for the regular Chiron, not the one in the Campaign.

Attack bonuses[]




Age of Mythology[]

  • Chiron has 14 range.

Tale of the Dragon[]

  • Chiron has 16 range.


Chiron was originally a god of healing in Thessalian mythology, but later became an immortal Centaur in the more widely accepted Greek mythology. Although Centaurs were usually wild and unruly, Chiron was the exception. He was noted for being wise and his knowledge of healing was legendary. He was the tutor of many notable heroes, including Theseus and Achilles.

Greek heroes
Age / God ZeusIcon.png Zeus PoseidonIcon.png Poseidon HadesIcon.png Hades
ArchaicAge.png Archaic Age JasonIcon.png Jason TheseusIcon.png Theseus AjaxIcon.png Ajax
ClassicalAge.png Classical Age OdysseusIcon.png Odysseus HippolytaIcon.png Hippolyta ChironIcon.png Chiron
PhysicianIcon.png Hippocrates
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MythicAge.png Mythic Age BellephoronIcon.png Bellerophon PolyphemusIcon.png Polyphemus
TheArgoIcon.png The Argo
PerseusIcon.png Perseus


Chiron is freed from bandits in Ioklos by Arkantos and Ajax and afterward joins the heroes in their quest. In Egypt, he assists his companions by leading the force that retrieved the Head of Osiris from the Tamarisk Tree. As the heroes later attempt to escape a band of Fire Giants in league with Gargarensis in Niflheim, he sacrifices himself by toppling a large boulder to block the path of the giants, saving his comrades but ensuring his death as the giants overwhelm him.

Though he appears as a guardian of Mount Olympus in The New Atlantis campaign, he is likely there simply as a generic hero, as this is the version of Chiron normally trainable by the worshipers of Hades, and not the regenerating hero unit from the Fall of the Trident campaign.


In the campaign, Chiron has a special ability that allows him to fire three arrows at once and also can recover from falling in battle.

Attack bonuses[]

Ranged attack[]

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