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The Chinese are an East Asian civilization in Age of Empires II. Like their predecessors, they are descendants of the Shang civilization, which inhabited the same area. The Chinese civilization is based on the Tang, Song and Ming dynasties of medieval China. In the game, they focus on archers.

The aforementioned dynasties were best known for their economic sophistication, unprecedented technological innovations, and highly populated cities that accommodated millions of people. By the 1200s, the Song dynasty hosted a population of almost 100 million people with a sophisticated medieval economic system boasting the use of paper money, a maritime shipping power having the largest mercantile fleet in the world patrolling the South China Seas, and a strong industrial steel manufacturing capacity. To reflect these achievements and for being one of the civilizations that suffered the least during the Dark Ages, they start with extra Villagers and their Town Centers support a higher population. Although they have fewer resources to compensate, allied Farms produce extra food (which reflects on the importance of rice agriculture in China). The unique unit of the Chinese is the Chu Ko Nu, a foot archer wielding the eponymous semi-automatic crossbow invented by the Chinese that would load a new bolt simultaneously as soon as the last one was fired. Chu Ko Nu fire multiple arrows at once and, if employed en masse, they can wreak havoc on infantry and even cavalry.

Due to game balance reasons, the Chinese lack access to many of the technologies they invented, such as the Hand Cannoneer, Bombard Cannon, and Block Printing (the earliest record of a written formula for gunpowder appears in the 11th century Song dynasty text, Wujing Zongyao, the Heilongjiang Hand Cannon is widely considered the earlier surviving firearm, and the Block Printing technology in Age of Empires II even tributes the Chinese by name). Their unique technology, Rocketry, reflects their advanced gunpowder technology and boosts their Chu Ko Nu and Scorpions (by adding +2 and +4 attack respectively) to offer some limited compensation. The Chinese have a long history of using Demolition Ships in naval battles, and as such their Demolition Ships have 50% more hit points which allows them to reach their targets easier. Finally, the Chinese can research technologies more cheaply than any other civilization, due to being one of the most advanced civilizations during the time frame of Age of Empires II.

Overview Edit

The Chinese are a very versatile civilization with an overall solid technology tree. Their infantry and foot archers get all the upgrades they could want, and their cavalry is also solid despite missing two final tier upgrades (Paladin and Hussar). The Siege Workshop is average, but their Scorpions get a great attack boost with Rocketry. Their navy is average missing the Fast Fire Ship and Elite Cannon Galleon, but they get fully upgradable Galleons. Their Monks are average, their defenses very good, and their economy is average technology tree-wise, but their +3 Villagers at the game start give them a notable kick start.

Characteristics Edit

Unique unit Edit

ChuKoNuIcon Chu Ko Nu: Foot archer that fires multiple arrows

Unique technologies Edit

CastleAgeUnique Great Wall: Increases the hit points of walls and towers by +30%.
Unique-tech Rocketry: Increases the attack of Chu Ko Nu by +2, and the attack of Scorpions by +4.

Civilization bonuses Edit

Team bonus Edit

Farms start with +45 food.

Changelog Edit

The Age of Kings Edit

  • Start the game with -150 food.
  • Non-Elite Chu Ko Nu train in 19 seconds.

The Conquerors Edit

  • Start the game with -150 food and -50 wood.
  • Rocketry introduced.
  • Chu Ko Nu gain a +2 attack bonus against Spearmen.
  • With patch 1.0c, they now start the game with -200 food and -50 wood.

The Forgotten Edit

  • Town Centers gain +5 LOS.
  • Great Wall introduced.
  • Non-Elite Chu Ko Nu now train in 16 seconds.

In-game dialogue language Edit

In-game, Chinese units speak Mandarin.

  • Shénme? 什么?/什麼? - What?
  • Hǎo. 好. - Good
  • Xíng. 行. - Yes
  • Zūnmìng. 遵命. - Affirmative
  • Zhèngquè. 正确./正確. - Correct
  • Wéi? 喂? - What?
  • Fúcóng mìnglìng. 服从命令./服從命令. - I'll follow your order.
  • Hézhǒng mìnglìng? 何种命令?/何種命令 - What order?
  • Zhǔnbèi jiùxù. 准备就绪./準備就緒. - Ready
  • Fámù gōng 伐木工 - Lumberjack
  • Liángcǎo zhēngshōu rén 粮草征收人/糧草徵收人 - Gatherer
  • Lièrén 猎人/獵人 - Hunter
  • Yúfū 渔夫/漁夫 - Fisherman
  • Nóngfū 农夫/農夫 - Farmer
  • Kuànggōng 矿工/礦工 - Miner
  • Jiànzhú gōng 建筑工/建築工 - Builder
  • Xiūlǐgōng 修理工 - Repairer
  • Zuòzhàn! 作战!/作戰! - Fight!
  • Shì. 是. - Yes
  • Jìngōng! 进攻!/進攻! - Charge!
  • Gōngjí! 攻击!/攻擊! - Attack!

AI player names Edit

When playing a random map game against the computer, the player may encounter any of the following Chinese AI characters:

  • Li Shi-min (李世民): Personal name of Emperor Taizong, the second emperor of the Tang dynasty; lived 598–649.
  • Li zi-cheng (李自成): Born Li Hongji (李鸿基/李鴻基), leader of the rebels who overthrow the Ming dynasty and the emperor of the short-lived Shun dynasty; lived 1606–1645.
  • Lin Chong (林冲): A fictional character on the Water Margin novel.
  • Mu Gui-ying (穆桂英): A legendary heroine from the Northern Song dynasty.
  • Wen Tian-xiang (文天祥): A scholar-general from the Southern Song dynasty known for resisting Kublai Khan's invasion and refusal to submit before the Yuan dynasty; lived 1236–1283.
  • Wu Xe-tian (武则天/武則天): Alternative spelling of Wu Zetian, the empress-consort of the Zhou dynasty and the only female sovereign of China; lived 624–705.
  • Yang Jian (杨坚/楊堅): Personal name of Emperor Wen of Sui, the first emperor of the Sui dynasty; lived 541–604.
  • Yue Fei (岳飞/岳飛): A general from the Southern Song dynasty known for leading the Song in the wars against the Jin dynasty in the 12th century; lived 1103–1142.
  • Zhao Kuang-yin (赵匡胤/趙匡胤): Personal name of Emperor Taizu of Song, the founder and the first emperor of the Song dynasty; lived 927–976.
  • Zheng He (郑和/鄭和): A Ming dynasty admiral notable for his expeditionary voyages to the rest of Asia and Africa; lived 1371–1433/1435.
  • Zhu Di (朱棣): Personal name of Yongle Emperor, the third emperor of the Ming dynasty; lived 1360–1424.
  • Zhu Yuan-zhang (朱元璋): Personal name of Hongwu Emperor, the founder and the first emperor of the Ming dynasty; lived 1328–1398.

Trivia Edit

  • Counting the Shang, the Chinese are the only civilization to appear in all four titles of the Age of Empires series, including their respective expansion packs.
  • The Chinese were most famous for their advanced fortification techniques, heavily walled cities (which aided Chinese defenders as late as World War II), and excellent siege engineers. Chinese siege engineers were instrumental to the rapid Mongol conquest of Persia and Russia, yet ironically the Mongols have a better siege line than the Chinese, who do not even receive Siege Engineers.
  • The Chinese invented the first cannon, yet they do not receive Bombard Cannon and Hand Cannoneer. The Chinese were also the first to invent Block Printing, but they do not receive this technology in the game. This is probably due to gameplay balancing purposes.

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Chinese Overview AoE2

Chinese Overview AoE2

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