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This article is about the unit in the PC game. For the unit in the handheld video game, see Chimera (Age of Empires: Mythologies).

The Chimera is a Mythic Age hybrid myth unit granted to worshipers of Artemis.

Special attack[]

Fire breath (3 projectiles): each causes 28 hack (×3 vs myth units) to all nearby units. Range: 8 meters. Recharge time: 20 seconds.

Attack bonuses[]



  • FlamesOfTyphon.png Flames of Typhon (Artemis): increases regular and special attacks by 30% and hit points by 20%.



The powerful jaws of their lion head grants them a strong melee hack attack. Chimera possess a powerful special attack, whereby their snake tail lunges forward and spews fire over the enemy. This is an area of effect attack that damages many enemies at once. Due to the nature of their special attack and their general effectiveness against most types of unit, Chimera need little management in order to be effective.

The Chimera has bonus damage against myth units and is also strong against human units. However, they are easily slain by heroes.

The Flames of Typhon improvement turns Chimera into Chimera Tyrants, with increased attack, hit points and special attack damage.


Scientific name -- Draco chimera
Size -- 12,000+ lbs.
Diet -- Carnivore, especially humans

The chimera is one of the varied offspring of Echidna (with the torso of a beautiful woman and a horrible serpent below the waist) and Typhon (a fire-breathing giant with 100 serpent heads). The Chimera is a fire-breathing beast, usually depicted with the body of a goat, the head of a lion, and the tail of a serpent. The Corinthian hero, Bellerophon, defeated the original Lycian (a Greek kingdom in Asia Minor) chimera by flying into battle on the winged horse, Pegasus.


  • The Chimera's design was changed at within the last few months of development (June–August 2002), and because of this, the Chimera's corpse model is of the old model, rather than the current one.
  • The Chimera's stat distribution was later reused for the Azure Dragon and White Tiger, although the latter costs Food.


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