Chile is one of the revolutionary nations in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, available to the Spanish.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • 10 Hussars of Death (Guard Hussars with +100% attack) appears in the Home City shipment point.

Home City Cards[edit | edit source]

Purple: Shipment that can be sent an INFINITE number of times
Card Description
Gran Colombia Home City (Gatling Guns).png 4 Gatling Guns Ships 4 Gatling Guns
Chile Home City (Revolutionaries).png 16 Revolutionaries Ships 16 Revolutionaries
Gran Colombia Home City (Ironclads).png 2 Ironclads Ships 2 Ironclads
Mexico Home City (Fort Wagon).png 1 Fort Wagon Ships 1 Fort Wagon; Fort build limit +1
Chile Home City (Mapuche Bolas Riders).png 7 Mapuche Bolas Riders Ships 7 Mapuche Bolas Riders and upgrades them to Elite (if not already)
Chile Home City (Salitrera).png Salitrera Trading Posts generate 0.5 coin/sec.; allows Citizens (Settlers) to be trained at the Town Center for 70 coin and Fishing Boats to be trained at the Dock

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Chile is a Revolution exclusive to the Spanish. Like most revolutions included in the Definitive Edition, picking it can be a finishing move, as Chile turns Settlers into Revolutionaries while shipping 10 Hussars of Death and improving already existing Hussars to Hussars of Death. Spanish players should prefer Chile if they previously focused on spamming Hussars or if they previously had taken the commercial route on the map or native settlements, as the unique Chilean shipment "Salitrera" enables Trading Posts to generate coin.

Hussars of Death make Chile an excellent option for open maps, as their mobility and attack enables for fast raids against opponents' settlements. Chile also has access to Mapuche Bolas Riders shipments and can train them at the Stable and Native Embassy. Mapuche Bolas Riders' attack slows down enemy units and have multipliers against cavalry, which makes them a good complement for Chilean cavalry.

Recommended shipment cards[edit | edit source]

  • Riding School: This can facilitate the further creation of Hussars of Death.
  • Advanced Arsenal: Improvements allowed by this shipment benefit the units Chile provides.
  • Unction: Missionaries increase the attack of nearby units. This can boost the attack of Hussars of Death, Gatling Guns, Ironclads, Mapuche Bolas Riders, and Revolutionaries.
  • TEAM Inquisition: All units gets +10% more hit points, which will benefit Hussars of Death, Gatling Guns, Mapuche Bolas Warriors, Ironclads, and Revolutionaries.
  • Capitalism, Industrial Revolution and Factory: Since the economy stops momentarily when revolting (as long as the player has not shipped Salitrera), having a trickle of resources is helpful. Also, this synergizes well with Salitrera.
  • Hussar Shipments.
  • Hand Cavalry Hitpoints: it benefits Hussars of Death.
  • Hand Cavalry Attack: It benefits Hussars of Death.
  • Hand Cavalry Combat: it benefits Hussars of Death.
  • Native Warriors: Reduces the cost of Native Warriors, which applies to Mapuche Bolas Riders
  • Advanced Trading Posts: Trading Posts with Salitrera generate a trickle of coin, so giving them attack helps to secure the trickle and the other benefits of the Trading Posts.
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