Chilche is an Inca high priest that appears in Act I: Blood and Act III: Steel in Age of Empires III.

Act I: Blood Edit

Young Chilche

Chilche is the high priest of the Incas that warns Alain Magnan not to trifle with the Fountain of Youth. This occurred just before Morgan Black discovered that Alain was the leader of the Circle of Ossus.

Act III: Steel Edit

Old Chilche

It is possible Chilche may have drank from the Fountain of Youth and become long-living, if not immortal, since he appears 300 years later to speak to Amelia Black, Morgan's great-great-granddaughter.

History Edit

"There is record of thirteen Incan emperors. Incan emperors ruled without question by the divine right claimed by kings and pharaohs the world over. A person's home, and their belongings inside it, were the extent of personal property; land, buildings, and virtually everything else belonged to the government. Adults were required by a custom called mita to serve on large public works like buildings or roads (which the Spanish exploited to send the Inca into forced labor in their mines). The Incan Empire lasted about 100 years, starting with Emperor Pachacuti who, through a series of military conquests, began a campaign that by the time the Spaniards arrived had united the native people from northern Colombia to northern Chile under Incan rule."

Gallery Edit

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