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Chief Gall (1840 - 1894) is the AI personality of the Lakota (known as Sioux before the Definitive Edition) in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs. He is voiced by Gregory Cruz.


Gall (c. 1840-1894) was a battle leader of the Hunkpapa Lakota in the war against the United States. He was one of the Lakota commanders in the Battle of Little Bighorn. Unlike other Lakota leaders like Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, Gall died a peaceful death.


Gall's AI personality emphasizes military mobilisation over economic development, and he will use the Lakota as an early-game rushing faction. Gall will typically pour resources into large attacks throughout the Commerce Age onward, comprised of Cetan bows, Wakina Rifles, Rifle Riders, Bow Riders and Axe Riders with occasional war clubs and dog soldiers. These attacks will usually reduce Gall's resource intake, and cause the Lakota faction to advance to the fortress age more slowly than other AI-controlled factions.

Chief Gall will always try to maintain a sizeable military force. However his base tends to be very limited in terms of its size and defensive structures, so it can be easily ransacked once his army is beaten.


As an ally[]

  • Player collects multiple treasures - "It would seem that you are very familiar with these lands, but don't let those treasures distract you."
  • Player lost a previous match - "Your last effort disgraced the spirits. Try harder this time."
  • Agrees to strategy - "I am not against that."
  • Player won a previous match, Gall on Team - "Do not drag me down this time."
  • Begin on the same map as previous game - "I remember these lands. That can only add to our tactical advantage."
  • Received food - "This food will help. Thank you."
  • Received wood - "This wood will help us to build."
  • Received coin - "You have my thanks for the coin."
  • Wins battle - "See how they throw men away in useless conflicts."
  • Trade Monopoly Begun (Team) - "The stage is set. Prepare to defend these posts to the last man."

As an enemy[]

  • Beginning game with higher difficulty - "It seems you think you are ready for a bigger challenge." or "You have much confidence, taking on a bigger enemy."
  • Beginning of game - "I promise you an honorable death." or "Your braves cling so close to your war chief. They look scared to be outside your town"
  • Player is first to collect a treasure - "You have the speed of a bird, but your bones are just as brittle."
  • Player collects a coin-related treasure - "You are greedy, like all our enemies."
  • Player collects a wood-related treasure - "No amount of wood will keep my warriors out of your town."
  • Player collects a food-related treasure - "Eat that food quickly, you will soon be choking on my tomahawk."
  • Player collects multiple treasures - "All the treasures in these lands will not keep me from spilling your blood."
  • Gall collects a treasure - "The power of my people grows with every passing second."
  • Gall collects a coin-related treasure - "This will buy me many warriors"
  • Gall collects a wood-related treasure - "This wood will build many huts to house my warriors."
  • Gall collects multiple treasures - "My treasures pile up, yet you have so few. Is something wrong?"
  • Discovers player’s Town Center - "So that is where you plan to die."
  • Player builds Trading Post (native) - "The locals here will soon learn that they have joined the wrong side. Do not count on their help."
  • Player builds Trading Post (trade route) - "You waste your time and resources on ugly buildings. My people will burn them to the ground."
  • Player is first to Commerce Age - "So many resources wasted so soon. Are you up to something?"
  • Player is last to Commerce Age - "I hope your ally is able to support you both, since it is obvious you are wasting resources." (This comment can trigger even when the player has no allies)
  • Player advances faster in Age than Chief Gall - "What spirit is helping you, that you are able to advance in age so quickly?
  • Destroys player's Trading Post (trade route) and Forts - "Another eyesore removed from the plains."
  • Destroys player's Trading Post (native) - "It feels good to lift the yoke from my native brothers."
  • Player destroys his Trading Post (native) - "That will not help you. My brothers are united against you."
  • Small force enters enemy territory - "Your soldiers seem lost, just like their leader." or "Some of your men are lost. Just like their chief."
  • Player starts Trade Monopoly - "You do not scare me with these tactics. My warriors will soon put an end to this."
  • Major battle - "A fine choice, facing my superior warriors."
  • Wins a battle - "See how easily I crush your inferior warriors."
  • Loses a battle - "Your skill is impressive. I was sure I had won."
  • Colony ravaged - "The spirits favor you with stealth."
  • Defeat - "I do not know how, but you were the better war chief today."


Chief Gall was born in 1840 and grew up on the plains of South Dakota. His name was given to him when, as a hungry orphan, he ate the gall bladder of an animal. Before this event, his name was “Bear shedding his hair.” He fought with Chief Red Cloud at Big Mound and other battles around the years 1866 to 1868.

A renowned warrior and leader, he was one of Sitting Bull’s war chiefs during the Lakota assault on General Custer during the Battle of the Little Big Horn. It was a great victory, but both Gall and Sitting Bull realized that the U.S. government would return with many more soldiers bent on revenge. Therefore, to protect their people, Gall, Sitting Bull, and other Lakota fled with their families to Canada.

Eventually, Gall and Sitting Bull parted ways and Gall returned to the U.S. to settle down on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. Gall became a prominent supporter of assimilation into the white man’s culture, even serving in 1889 as a judge on Standing Rock’s Court of Indian Offenses. He died in South Dakota on 5 December 1894; the following words were inscribed on his memorial: “An Honest Man Should Always Be Remembered.”

In Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs, Gall has seen the sun set on many battlefields. He is wise to the ways of his enemies and the spirit world upon which he relies. But don’t mistake his calm demeanor for weakness: Gall and his Sioux warriors can strike with deadly speed.


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