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Chickens are animals in Age of Mythology that can be killed for food. With few hit points and no attack, they are easy to kill and a safe method of gathering food. However, it is better to gather, hunt, or herd animals first, as they have faster gather rates. Unlike most huntables, however, Chickens do not run away from villagers or when attacked, making them easier to keep near drop-off points.

Due to their use of the WildCrops unittype flag, they and Berry Bushes are gathered at the same rate, meaning Berry Bushes are a more efficient form of food, due to having 100 food versus the 75 food for the Chicken.


Scientific name -- Gallus gallus
Size -- 5-6 lbs.
Diet -- seeds and insects

Chickens have been eaten for thousands of years. While the Romans developed the first distinctive breed of chickens, ancient records show Asian jungle fowl were raised in China as early as 1400 BC. Since that time, chickens have become the most widespread and abundant domestic animal on the planet and one of the least expensive sources of protein. In addition to their meat, chickens provide eggs. In some modern African countries, 90 percent of households own scavenging chickens.
—In-game help section

Methane Chicken[]

Stay back!
—In-game description

Methane Chickens are spawned by the Chicken Storm cheat god power, which can be obtained via the cheat code "BAWK BAWK BOOM". Once invoked, the Chickens stay for a while before self exploding, greatly damaging or destroying all units and buildings nearby. The attributes and appearance of Methane Chickens are identical to regular Chickens, but they cannot be attacked or harvested by workers. It can be attacked and killed by others, but doing so causes that Chicken to explode anyway.

The Methane Chicken cannot be normally found in the Scenario Editor.


  • Chickens eventually reappeared in Age of Empires IV, but only as static details for buildings.
  • Even though chickens are farm animals, they can't be owned by a player and aren't herdable.
  • The Chicken can't belong to a player in the Scenario Editor using the units tool, because it will always be sided with Gaia (Mother Nature), even if it is supposed to stay with an other team. It also can't be converted by a Priest while using Set as the main god. All of these things happen also to Ducks.
  • The Chicken can be converted or sided to a player only using triggers, or using the cheat "SET ASCENDANT".


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