Chickens are animals in Age of Mythology that can be killed for food. With few hit points and no attack, they are easy to kill and a safe method of gathering food, and faster than using Berry Bushes.

History[edit | edit source]

Scientific name -- Gallus gallus
Size -- 5-6 lbs.
Diet -- seeds and insects

Chickens have been eaten for thousands of years. While the Romans developed the first distinctive breed of chickens, ancient records show Asian jungle fowl were raised in China as early as 1400 BC. Since that time, chickens have become the most widespread and abundant domestic animal on the planet and one of the least expensive sources of protein. In addition to their meat, chickens provide eggs. In some modern African countries, 90 percent of households own scavenging chickens.
—In-game help section

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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