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A Cherokee horse archer. Good against cavalry.
—In-game description

The Cherokee Horse Archer is a unit exclusive in the campaign in Age of Empires III. It appears in Act II: Ice, in the first and second scenarios. It has the same appearance as a Comanche Horse Archer, albeit having different stats.

John Black and Ká:nien, along with colonists and local mercenaries, have to defend the colony of Brunswick against hostile Cherokee, who have been manipulated by the villainous Englishman Warwick to attack the colony and capture Stuart Black. Stuart is believed to know the location of the Fountain of Youth, being a son of Morgan Black.


Horse archers must be skilled horsemen, able to fire a bow while controlling their horse with only their legs. The archer and the horse move as one, and it is vital that the archer have a trusted companion in his horse. The Cherokee originally obtained horses from Spanish colonists. They bred them and added in bloodlines from plains horses when they moved west. Cherokee horses, very prized, can often be recognized by their unique paint patterns.


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