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Cherokee weaving techniques improve dry storage. Dock, Market, Mill, and Estate improvements no longer cost Wood.
—In-game description

Cherokee Basket Weaving is a technology in Age of Empires III that can be researched at a Trading Post built on a Cherokee settlement. Once researched, it eliminates the wood cost from Market, Dock, Mill, Farm, Rice Paddy, and Estate technologies except the following:


  • Cherokee Basket Weaving is extremely useful if one is using a water boom strategy, as economic upgrades will not cut into wood stockpiles used for training more Fishing Boats.
    • For Dutch, it is arguably better than Huron Fish Wedding; being worth 1,612.31 villager seconds (time taken, in seconds, to gather required resources with a single settler at the regular rate) versus the Huron upgrade being worth 1,650 villager seconds, including both Dock fishing upgrades. They cannot cost effectively afford the Market upgrades Blunderbuss, Great Coat (unless switching it for Placer Mines), or Amalgamation however.
  • It is also useful for the Indians, due to their Villagers costing wood.
  • The Dutch can make effective use of the ability as well, due to most upgrades possessing a remaining coin cost and their +15% natural gather rate bonus from mines.
  • The Germans can utilize it with an early Estate, should they run low on coin, yet still reach the Fortress Age for the first upgrade available.
  • Lakota may use the technology along with a Farm wagon in the Exploration Age, aging up with the Wise Woman, and earning coin fast enough to purchase all food eco upgrades to gather from Hunts faster with a villager, than the French Coureur des Bois (with all Market technologies) can in the Commerce Age.