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The Cherokee Archer is a unit exclusive in the campaign. The unit appears in Age of Empires III Act II: Ice, in the first and second scenarios.


John Black and Kanyenke, along with colonists and local mercenaries have to defend the colony of Brunswick against hostile Cherokee, who have been manipulated by the villainous Englishman Warwick to attack the colony and capture Stuart Black, who is believed to know the location of the Fountain of Youth, being a son of Morgan Black.

Because of an apparent oversight from the developers, in The WarChiefs and The Asian Dynasties, the Cherokee Archer keeps his Light Infantry tag, despite the new definition of this tag in these expansions, making it weak against Heavy infantry.



Cherokee archers used distinct bows with diamond-shaped grooves (called "nocks") at each end to hold the bowstring. The bows were often made from Bois d’arc, and had bowstring of deer sinew. To test their skills, archers competed against each other in games known as cornstalk shoots. Dried cornstalks were used as targets because they wouldn’t break arrow tips.


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