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The Cherokee are a Native American tribe featured in Age of Empires III. Like all natives, they can be allied with by building a Trading Post at their Trading Post site.



Cherokee technologies focus on boosting allied economies and the speed of all native warriors.

Age Technology Cost Effect
Age I tech tree aoe3
Cherokee War Dance Cherokee War Dance 200 wood
200 coin
Native warriors get +20% speed
Sequoyahs Cherokee Syllabary Sequoyah's Cherokee Syllabary Ships 4 Settlers
Cherokee Basket Weaving Cherokee Basket Weaving 100 food
100 coin
Selective Breeding, Armor Plating, Carronade, Percussion Lock, Ship's Howitzers, Large Scale Gathering, Excessive Tribute, Mechanized Rice Cultivation, Collective Economy, Large Scale Farming, Fur Dressing, Big Button technologies cost no wood; Subsistence Farming, Crop Rotation, Swing Plow, New World Crops, Vegetable Carbon, Cash Crops technologies cost -50% wood


The Cherokee help in economy and native rush. Their Sequoyah's Cherokee Syllabary and Cherokee Basket help economically to ship more villagers (Settlers and equivalent), and eliminates the wood cost from economic technologies. Militarily, they increase the speed of native warriors by 20% with the Cherokee War Dance technology, including that of its unit, the Cherokee Rifleman, a Skirmisher-type unit with a lot of hit points that is especially useful for civilizations that lack Skirmisher-type units, such as the Aztecs, Inca, Japanese, and Swedes.

In-game dialogue[]

The Cherokee language is related to the Haudenosaunee tribes' languages.


In 1492 the Cherokee were a relatively peaceful agricultural people living in villages around the southern Appalachian Mountains in parts of eight modern states, one of which, Tennessee, takes its name from one of their villages. Their principal crops were corn, beans, and squash, and the first Europeans to encounter them were amazed at the extent of their farms and neatness of their villages. They were devastated by disease carried by the De Soto expedition in the 1540s, and later smallpox epidemics in the eighteenth century.

They grew more warlike as trade with Europeans changed their economy and the displacement of other tribes into their lands increased hostility. Then the inevitable encroachment of white settlers from the coast led to the familiar litany of treaties, broken promises, war, and retribution. In an attempt to preserve some of their lands, the Cherokee Nation adopted a constitution modeled after that of the United States, established a boundary with the Americans, developed their own alphabet, published a newspaper, built schools, and established a court system.

When gold was discovered on Cherokee lands in 1828 they were doomed. Despite winning two Supreme Court cases upholding their treaties, the federal government under Andrew Jackson refused to enforce the decisions and allowed whites to continue stealing Cherokee property and lands. Eventually the Cherokee gave up and accepted a cash payment to move to the Indian Territory of Oklahoma. The march west, known as the Trail of Tears, was a disaster. After reestablishing themselves and growing somewhat prosperous once more, the majority of the tribe sided with the Confederacy and seceded in 1861. At the Civil War's end, the US government declared all treaties with the Cherokee void. Eventually most of their land in Oklahoma was lost as well, although some attempts at compensation were made in the twentieth century.


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