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The Cheiroballista is a hand-operated Atlantean version of the Ballista, available in the Classical Age. It is an anti-infantry Siege Weapon that can mow down charging groups of infantry with ease but is less effective against buildings.

Attack bonuses[]

God bonuses and upgrades[]



Kronos reduces wood and gold cost by 10% and increases movement speed by 10%.


Cheiroballistae have a large line of sight and range so they can take down melee units before they get too close. They are important in the Classical Age as they are the only anti-infantry unit available for the Atlanteans at that point in the game. Despite its classification as a Siege Weapon, it has no crush damage and is therefore ineffective against buildings. In addition, they are quite expensive and take up a large amount of population space. Furthermore, cavalry have enough speed to close the gap before taking too much damage and will take them down easily. They are usually obsolete by the Heroic Age as the Arcus can take over the role without being as expensive or occupying as many population slots. The only advantage of Cheiroballista late-game is when the Atlantean player is faced against a Norse player who is massing Huskarls.


The Titans[]

  • The Cheiroballista does not benefit from Armory upgrades, and its speed is 4.
  • The Cheiroballista does ×5 damage to Destroyer Heroes.
  • Kronos only reduces wood and gold cost by 10%.

Tale of the Dragon[]

  • With patch 2.7, the Cheiroballista benefits from Armory upgrades. Speed is reduced to 3.85.
  • With patch 2.7, Kronos' Cheiroballista also have +10% movement speed.
  • With patch 2.8, the Cheiroballista benefits from Volcanic Forge and does ×4 damage to Destroyer Heroes.


Wikipedia has an article about:
The light and relatively fast Cheiroballista is an anti-infantry unit. It is very powerful against enemy infantry, but is weak against everything else, especially cavalry.

The Cheiroballista was the most advanced arrow-throwing ballista devised in ancient times. Its metal arms were short and provided great torque, but also allowed the ballista to be mounted in a drawn cart (or put on wheels).


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