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A cheat unit is a unit that can only be obtained through typing a cheat code in the in-game chat bar. Note that, in most of the games, the cheat codes are not case sensitive. Every game in the Age of Empires series has cheat units. However, since Age of Empires III, some cheat units are available in the Scenario Editor, providing an alternative way of obtaining cheat units aside from typing their respective cheat codes.

Cheat units typically have extraordinary traits, such as great longevity, attacking power, or speed, so they can easily overwhelm ordinary units. Some cheat units are capable of wiping out entire armies single-handedly. This is why, in online play, cheat codes and thus cheat units are usually disabled.

All cheat units as well as the cheats that must be entered in order to spawn them can be found here.


  • The Laser Trooper from Age of Empires reappears in Age of Empires II as the Photonman and in Age of Empires IV as the Photon Man.
  • Both Age of Empires and Age of Empires II have a sports car cheat unit.
  • Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology both have a dog cheat unit.
  • The Lazer Bear from Age of Mythology reappears as the Lazerbear in Age of Empires III. The Flying Purple Hippo also reappears as the Flying Purple Tapir.
  • Age of Empires III has the most cheat units, not counting regular units spawned by cheat codes, numbering fourteen. Age of Empires IV has the least, at just one.
Cheat units in the Age of Empires series
ReturnRome-AoEIcon Age of EmpiresBaby Prez BabyPrez (removed) · Returnofrome heavy catapult icon Big Bertha · Horse Archer Black Rider · Returnofrome crocodile icon Crocodile (Alpha)  · Dragon Icon updated nuRoR Dragon · Returnofrome elephant icon Elephant (Alpha) · Returnofrome juggernaut icon Flying Dutchman · Return of rome gazelle Gazelle (Alpha) · Photonman aoe2DE Laser Trooper  · Returnofrome lion icon Lion (Alpha) · Cavalry111 Medusa · Nuke Trooper Icon updated nuRoR Nuke Trooper · AoE2 DE priest icon Saint Francis · Composite Bowman Stealth Archer · Winsett other Z Icon updated nuRoR Winsett's other Z · Winsett Z Icon updated nuRoR Winsett's Z · Zug 209 Icon updated nuRoR Zug 209
AoE2-DLCicon-0 Age of Empires IIAoE2 DE alfred icon Alfred the Alpaca · CobracarDE Cobra Car · Monkey aoe2DE Furious the Monkey Boy · Penguin aoe2DE Penguin · Photonman aoe2DE Photonman · Saboteur aoe2DE Saboteur · Sharkatzoricon Sharkatzor · AoE2 DE stormy dog Stormy Dog · VMDL DE icon VMDL
Aom original icon Age of MythologyBella icon Bella · AoMR Football icon Football · Hippo icon Flying Purple Hippo · Aomaxemanicon Forkboy · BrownBear icon Lazer Bear · ChickenIcon Methane Chicken · AoMR UFO icon UFO · WalkingWoodsIcon Walking Berry Bush
3Icon48px Age of Empires IIIMonster truck blue aoe3de BigAndy · Hot dog cart aoe3de Flaming Hot Dog Cart · Fluffy aoe3de Fluffy · Flying purple tapir aoe3de Flying Purple Tapir · Gatling camel aoe3de portrait Gatling Camel · Crushington aoe3de George Crushington · Guardian Lion icon AoE3DE Guardian Lion · Honey Badger portrait Honey Badger · Lazer bear aoe3de Lazerbear · Learicorn aoe3de Learicorn · Italians leonardo tank portrait Leonardo's Tank · Great bombard de Mediocre Bombard · Ice cream truck aoe3de Monster Ice Cream Truck · Penguin portrait Penguin · Monster truck red aoe3de The Tommynator
GameIcon-AoE4 Age of Empires IVAoE4 PhotonMan Photon Man