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Cheat units wreaking havoc in Age of Empires II

A cheat unit is a unit that can only be obtained through typing a cheat code in the in-game chat bar. Note that, in most of the games, the cheat codes are not case sensitive. Every game in the Age of Empires series has cheat units. However, since Age of Empires III, some cheat units are available in the Scenario Editor, providing an alternative way of obtaining cheat units aside from typing their respective cheat codes.

Cheat units typically have extraordinary traits, such as great longevity, attacking power, or speed, so they can easily overwhelm ordinary units. Some cheat units are capable of wiping out entire armies single-handedly. This is why, in online play, cheat codes and thus cheat units are usually disabled.

All cheat units as well as the cheats that must be entered in order to spawn them can be found here.