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This article is about the cheat codes in Age of Mythology. For cheat codes in other games of the series, see Cheat code.

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All cheat codes that are available in Age of Mythology and its expansions are listed here. To activate them, press Enter, type in the cheat code into the Chat Box, and press Enter again. Cheats codes are case-sensitive and must be entered in CAPITAL LETTERS. Cheat codes do not work in the demo version of Age of Mythology.

Age of Mythology[]

Code Description
ATM OF EREBUS 1,000 gold
JUNK FOOD NIGHT 1,000 food
MOUNT OLYMPUS 100 favor or 200 favor for Zeus.
LAY OF THE LAND Reveals map.
THRILL OF VICTORY Instantly wins the game.
CHANNEL SURFING Skips to the next scenario in the campaign.
L33T SUPA H4X0R Massively speeds up all time-based functions, making them almost instantaneous.
LETS GO!  NOW! Fast game speed. (Note the two spaces between GO! and NOW.)
DIVINE INTERVENTION Renews god power usage or adds an extra use to all god powers in The Titans.
PANDORAS BOX Grants you 4 random god powers.
WRATH OF THE GODS Grants you the Lightning Storm, Earthquake, Meteor and Tornado god powers with unlimited uses.
GOATUNHEIM Grants you the Goatunheim god power. Turns all units on the map into goats.
FEAR THE FORAGE Grants you the Walking Berry Bushes god power. Like Walking Woods but works only on Berry Bushes.
BAWK BAWK BOOM Grants you the Chicken Storm god power. Rains down explosive chickens, similar to Meteor.
I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!1! Spawns 100 monkeys at your Town Center.
WUV WOO Spawns a Flying Purple Hippo at your Town Center.
TINES OF POWER Spawns a Forkboy at your Town Center.
O CANADA Spawns a Lazer Bear at your Town Center.
ISIS HEAR MY PLEA Spawns the heroes from the Fall of the Trident campaign at your Town Center. The heroes are Arkantos, Amanra, Ajax, Odysseus, Chiron, Eitri, Brokk, Reginleif, and Setna.
SET ASCENDANT Gives you control of all Mother Nature units on the map, including wild animals, herdables, chickens, Tartarian Spawns, and Skraelings.
RED TIDE Turns the water red which kills all the fish.
MR. MONDAY Gives Titan AI 1000% handicap.
ENGINEERED GRAIN Instantly fattens herd animals.
IN DARKEST NIGHT Cycles through four different light settings.

The Titans[]

Code Description
ZENOS PARADOX Similar to PANDORAS BOX, but with Atlantean God Powers included.
TINFOIL HAT Ownership of all units on the map are randomized.
TITANOMACHY Spawns a Titan at your Town Center.
RESET BUTTON All buildings on the map become deconstructed.
ATLANTIS REBORN Spawns the heroes from The New Atlantis campaign at your Town Center. The heroes are Kastor, Amanra, Ajax, and King Folstag.
BARKBARKBARKBARKBARK Spawns Bella at your Town Center.

Extended Edition[]

Code Description
NINJACONNOR 100,000 of each resource type, sets population limit to 300 (or to the maximum population cap available with a modified game2.8.cfg), unlimited god power uses, 100x build/research speeds.
WRATH OF CYCLONE Turn all your units into mighty Titans.

Tale of the Dragon[]

Code Description
POWERS FROM DIYU Similar to PANDORAS BOX and ZENOS PARADOX, but with Chinese God Powers included.
BLESS ME FU XI Spawns all Tale of the Dragon heroes at your Town Center. The heroes are Jiao-Long, Shun, Zhi, and Danzhu.
TITANIC Titans can walk in water.
WOLOLO Chinese Monks play the wololo sound effect from Age of Empires when they convert enemy units.


  • Cheats that spawn units at the Town Center will not work if the player's only Town Center has been upgraded to a Citadel Center.
  • The RED TIDE cheat is most likely a reference to the biblical first Plague of Egypt, which turned the water in the Nile to blood and killed all the fish.