Chayton Black
Name: Chayton Black
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Religion: Unknown
Residence(s): Old West
Affiliation: Flag of the United States United States of America
The Falcon Company
Father: Unkown (Lakota)
Mother: Amelia Black
Marital status: Unkown
Spouse(s): Unknown
Voiced by: Josh Keaton
Games: The Warchiefs
First game: The Warchiefs
Last game: The Warchiefs

Chayton Black features in The WarChiefs campaign as the main protagonist of Act II: Shadow. A prominent member of the Black family, he is the final owner of the Falcon Company.

Chayton is the grandson of Nathaniel Black and son of Amelia Black, who had him with an unnamed Lakota husband. Chayton is very close to his native roots, being half-Lakota, and is deeply concerned with the state of the land. The campaign sees Chayton questioning his own identity as he is torn between making money and protecting the innocent when a gold scandal erupts in the Black Hills of South Dakota. He is voiced by Josh Keaton.

Biography Edit

Conflict between the Sioux and the US Edit

Chayton Black is first seen in the campaign expanding the Falcon Company westward along the Bozeman Trail, but he winds up in the middle of Red Cloud's War with Fort Laramie quartermaster Billy Holme. Ten years later, he returns to the west to reunite with Holme, now a sheriff, who informs him of a huge amount of gold in the Black Hills of South Dakota. After defending local mining camps from Sioux attacks, Chayton goes to see Crazy Horse and establish a peace treaty. However, Holme and a large party of miners arrive and destroy the village, wrecking any chance of peace.

Chayton still sides with Holme, and defends his workers as they gather wood for a fort. Yet when he receives the order to destroy a Sioux village, he turns against Holme and, allying with the Sioux, destroys the fort. Chayton convinces General Custer, who has recently arrived in the area, to give him one day to find Holme. Once he dons Sioux clothing and red war paint, Chayton works with the Sioux to earn their trust and help him track down Holme. Inside Holme's hidden mine, Chayton tries to negotiate peace, but, just as Holme tries to kill him, Chayton draws his gun more quickly and shoots Holme, sending the sheriff falling down a mine shaft to his explosive death.

Fighting for the Sioux Edit

Failing to prevent General Custer from attacking at Little Bighorn, Chayton finally decides to wholly devote himself to the Sioux cause. On the day of the battle, Chayton is aided by four native chiefs: Crazy Horse, Chief Brave Wolf, Chief Bull Bear, and Chief Two Moon, all of whom help him kill Custer, forcing the U.S. armies to retreat.

When the Battle of Little Bighorn ends, Amelia Black states in the final cutscene that she never again saw Chayton but hears two rumors: either he died at Wounded Knee and it took twelve horsemen to kill him, or he lived on in the Black Hills and settled down with his wife and children. Chayton is last seen riding off with Crazy Horse as a pistol-toting U.S. soldier dies amid tall grass and a Crazy Horse monument is carved into a nearby mountain.

Unit Edit

Chayton is a very powerful infantry unit, boasting more hit points than his former counterpart Sheriff Billy Holmes. He uses a revolver in combat, and has 2 crack-shot abilities, powerful for taking down enemy units in one shot.

After he joins the Sioux side, Chayton changes his dialect to Sioux instead of English.

Abilities Edit

Icon Ability Use
Hawk Eye ability Hawk Eye Kills most infantry, cavalry or guardians in one shot.
Eagle Eye ability Eagle Eye Powerful area affect shot.

History Edit

"Nathaniel's half-Lakota grandson, Chayton Black, seems to have inherited his family's tendency to wind up smack dab in the middle of opposing forces. When gold is discovered in the Black Hills, tensions between the Sioux Nation and settlers erupt. Against a backdrop of greed, fear, and prejudice, Chayton discovers that taking the convenient side can cost everything - even his own identity."

Trivia Edit

  • In some official artwork, Chayton is depicted carrying a revolver and saber, but the former is never used except in the cutscene where he shoots Holme. In-game, he uses a rifle in combat.
  • Chayton is the third hero in Age of Empires III that has two different versions (following Kanyenke and Nathaniel): one wearing European attire and one with Sioux clothing and markings. He has different unit responses for each version.

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