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Trains mansabdars that increase attack and hitpoints of your troops.
—In-game description

The Charminar Gate is a wonder in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties that is unique to the Indians and can be built to advance into the next Age. It sends a shipment of Sowars or Mahout Lancers when built and can train Mansabdar units which enhances units of the same type (see below).

Mansabdar units[]

Mansabdar SiegeElephant

Example of an Mansabdar unit: an in-game Mansabdar Siege Elephant. Note the unit's ornamental garb, which distinguish the unit from other Siege Elephants, even from Exalted Siege Elephants.

The Charminar Gate trains Mansabdar units which are more stalwart than their corresponding units and they have a passive ability that increase the hit points and attack of all nearby similar units, somewhat similar to the Japanese Daimyo, but Mansabdars themselves cannot train units or receive Home City shipments. They are enabled with proper Age; the Mansabdar Mahout Lancer cannot be trained until the player enters the Fortress Age. They typically have decorative uniforms and equipment, making it easy to distinguish them from normal units. Every Mansabdar unit only affects identical units and do not affect other non-related units (e.g. the Mansabdar Gurkha inspires all other Gurkhas and the Mansabdar Flail Elephant inspires other Flail Elephants).

All Mansabdar units cost twice as much as regular ones and train a little bit slower than a simple unit, making the Mansabdar units only available for players who mixed a good and productive economy with a powerful and hard-to-beat army. The most expensive units that the Indians can train are the Mansabdar elephants. However, the high cost of the Mansabdar units are compensated by their high combat stats and unique special abilities, helping the player achieve a conquest victory if the same player handles them very carefully and with intelligence.

The Mansabdar units are not upgradable to Disciplined, Honored or Exalted level, but they can receive some upgrades from arsenal technologies, Home City Cards shipments (such as TEAM cards from ally players) and some Native/Religious upgrades at the trading posts.

The Mansabdar units are also shipped from the Indian Home City with the Regiment cards. Those cards ship at the town center a group of units with a Mansabdar unit as the leader of the regiment. For example, the Sowar Regiment card will send a group of Sowars, and a Mansabdar Sowar, with an extra villager (due the Indian special civilization ability), getting ready to assault the enemies without the request of a Charminar Gate wonder if the player can't get it, but the player must be careful with this, because if the Mansabdar unit gets killed in combat and the player doesn't have a Charminar Gate wonder, the Mansabdar unit is gone for good.

Note: Mansabdar Mahout and Mansabdar Howdah lose 1 population with the Professional Handlers Home City Card while Mansabdar Siege Elephant loses 2 population.
Age Unit Cost Pop. Limit
Age II tech tree aoe3
Rajput mansabdar de Mansabdar Rajput 180 food
70 wood
1 1
Sepoy mansabdar de Mansabdar Sepoy 180 food
60 coin
Gurkha mansabdar aoe3de Mansabdar Gurkha 140 food
100 coin
Sowar mansabdar de Mansabdar Sowar 160 food
160 coin
Zamburak mansabdar de Mansabdar Zamburak 120 food
120 coin
Flail elephant mansabdar de Mansabdar Flail Elephant 250 food
250 coin
Age III tech tree aoe3
Mahout mansabdar de Mansabdar Mahout 800 food
500 wood
Howdah mansabdar aoe3de Mansabdar Howdah 500 food
700 coin
Siege elephant mansabdar de Mansabdar Siege Elephant 600 wood
700 coin
Age IV tech tree aoe 3
Urumi mansabdar de Mansabdar Urumi* 320 food
120 coin; requires the "Urumi Swordsmen Regiment" Home City Card


Further statistics[]

As the Charminar Gate is unique to the Indians, only technologies that they have access to are shown in the following table:

Building strengths and weaknesses
Strong vs. Nothing
Weak vs. Everything, especially siege units, artillery, and Monitors
Hit points Flying Buttress Flying Buttress (+20%)
Byzantine legacy Byzantine Legacy (+15%)
Cost Marriage politics Marriage Politics (-15%)
Comanche Trade Language Comanche Trade Language (-10% coin)
Other Jagiellon legacy Jagiellonian Legacy (units and resources already earned from age-ups are provided again)

Home City Cards[]

As the Charminar Gate is unique to the Indians, only their cards and other civilizations' TEAM cards are shown in the following tables:

Click for a list of Home City Cards related to the Charminar Gate
Some cards are highlighted with:
Green TEAM Shipment that is sent to each player in a team
Blue Shipment that arrives fast (5 seconds)


Card Description Age HC level
Team improved buildings TEAM Improved Buildings Buildings get +25% hit points
Age IV tech tree aoe 3


Card Description Age HC level
Mughal architecture Mughal Architecture Buildings cost -20% wood and build time -30%; Wonders' build time -16% instead; +1 Villager
Age II tech tree aoe3
Advanced wonders Advanced Wonders Wonders get +50% hit points and -25% build time; +1 Hindu Villager
Age I tech tree aoe3


Card Description Age
Mexican Home City 2 (TEAM Mariachi) TEAM Mariachi For the next 30 seconds, military buildings work 400% faster and units get +10% speed
Age I tech tree aoe3


Located in the City of Hyderabad, a former capital city of India, the Charminar Gate was built in 1591 at the center of the city to commemorate the eradication of a plague. At the place where Emperor Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah prayed for an end to the plague, he vowed to erect a mosque if his prayer were granted. When the plague ended, he built the mosque. The structure became known as Charminar because of its four characteristic minarets ("char," meaning four, and "minar," meaning spires). Each minaret has four stories, each of which opens into a plaza. Four is a number of significance in Islam. In this case, each of the four pillars represents a different aspect of knowledge.

When India became a British colony, the gate served as a storage facility for liquor and opium. The domes at the top of the gate offer unobstructed views of the city - a city once offered up in hopeful prayer by a distraught emperor.
—In-game compendium



In The Asian Dynasties, the Urumi has its Mansabdar variant included with the Urumi Swordsmen Regiment Home City Card, but cannot be retrained at the Charminar Gate should it die. This is fixed in the Definitive Edition.

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