Chaos is an Atlantean Heroic Age god power in Age of Mythology: The Titans that is available to the worshipers of Hyperion. When cast, it causes enemy units in the area to become neutral and hostile to all.

Chaos can be cast two times in a game, but has a cooldown of 4 minutes.

Strategy Edit

Chaos does not affect many units, only up to four human soldiers and one myth unit, so its general use is to harass or to cause disorder to enemies. It should not be used in the middle of a battle as the units will attack everyone, even the player who used it. It should be used in conjunction with scouting units, who can look for groups of enemy soldiers to invoke Chaos on before retreating.

Chaos is most effective when used on an enemy myth unit with an instant kill special attack as they can kill a few of their former allies before being killed themselves. But the greatest blessing of Chaos is that neutral units lose all their upgrades, making them easier to kill should they come in contact with the player's units.

Changelog Edit

Tale of the Dragon Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Chinese Monks are able to convert neutral units back onto their side. When that happens, the unit will gain the team's color but the orange ring that appeared when it became neutral will remain.

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