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Channels is an Atlantean myth technology in Age of Mythology: The Titans that is available to worshipers of Gaia and can be researched at the Town Center and Temple. Once researched, it increases the movement speed of Citizens and Caravans by +20%.


The Titans[]

  • Originally, Channels costs 175 gold and 12 favor. With patch 1.02, it costs 100 gold and 10 favor
  • Channels only increases the speed of Citizens.
  • Channels is only available at the Town Center.

Tale of the Dragon[]

  • Channels is also available at the Temple.
  • With patch 2.7, Channels also increases the speed of Caravans.


The capital city of Atlantis was ringed by nine great canals. These canals allowed citizens, soldiers, and goods to be transported quickly around the huge city. The Theocrats of the city decreed that the water be kept very clean. Anyone caught sullying the water faced a stiff fine or possible imprisonment. When Atlanteans left their beloved city, they would toss coins, even jewelry, into the waters of the canal for good luck and a safe return.
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