Challenging the Thalassocracy is the fourth scenario of the Suryavarman I campaign in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas. It is about the war between the coalition of Khmer and Chola against the coalition of Srivijaya and Tambralinga.

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  • Tambralinga (Malay) are located to the north and east. They also have smaller base at the middle of the map. Their land forces consist of Karambit Warriors, Pikemen, Elite Skirmishers, Monks, and Battle Elephants. Their naval forces consist of War Galleys and Fire Ships. Their northern bases are located on the same land with the player's base. Therefore, it is advised to destroy these bases as soon as possible to prevent them from draining the resources located there.
  • Srivijaya (Malay) are located to the south. They also have smaller base at the middle of the map. Their land forces consist of Champions (these units cannot be produced more by Srivijaya), Two-Handed Swordsmen, Arbalests, Elite Battle Elephants, Monks, and Onagers. Their naval forces consist of Galleons, Fast Fire Ships, and Demolition Ships. Assaulting their main base from the sea is a difficult task because their coast is protected by Castle and Harbors.

Strategy Edit

The player must destroy the Tambralinga and Srivijaya empires. The player should immediately move their forces westward to ravage Tambarlinga's first base. Removing Tambralinga encampments on the player's own island will prevent Tambralinga from gathering the player's resources and allow the player to focus across the water.

The player then should boom up to the Imperial Age and upgrade their navy first. Srivijaya will continuously raid the coast line with Galleons, Fast Fire Ships, and Demolition Ships. Their Island citadel should be removed as soon as possible to protect the player's economy from raids.

Tambralinga controls an Island to the west of Srivijaya but as Tambralinga stays in the Castle Age for most of the scenario, it is of no difficulty laying waste to the Island as well. The player should build Ballista Elephants with Monk support to use against both Tambralinga and Srivijaya.

The high HP output and the strong ranged attack can help decimate the armies of both empires. The player should land their army between the Tambralinga and Srivijaya bases. The player should bring villagers there to build Castles and Stables to help replenish the army. Chola for the large part is an unhelpful ally as the send units one off into Tambralinga bases.

The player should immediately clear out the Srivijaya base to the west and then push westward to ultimately destroy their empire. Keep Ballista Elephants and Monks to protect the narrow landing while the player's forces are triumphing over Srivijaya.

Once Srivijaya is defeated, the player should now turn their attention towards Tambralinga. With the majority of their army being infantry and trash units, Ballista Elephants should flatten their forces with ease. Once the first base falls, the second should fall soon thereafter. Once the player marches their forces in the ruins of the city the scenario is won.

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