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Players begin on a humble patch of rock rising up from the middle of the sea. Fortunes will be sought on the central island, as players must migrate north to establish bases on this resource rich coast. Wild beasts roam the island's northern region, while Gold mines and ancient Treasures can be found nestled amongst the cliffs to the south.
—Map description

Ceylon map.png

Ceylon is a random map in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. All players start off on their own small island with few resources, while a larger, central island provides more resources and a staging ground for the combat to come. Herds of Serow are found on the player's island while wild Elephants can only be found on the central island. A large navy will usually be important for victory, and for gathering the water Treasures scattered around the map.

When playing against computer players, one problem with this map is that AI players are usually reluctant to colonize the central island, and as such, will suffer from a striking lack of resources and will have extremely crowded islands.

Minor civilizations[]

Natives can only be spotted on the central island, with two native religious settlements available: the Bhakti and the Zen.

Wildlife []

Treasure Guardians []

Marine Treasure Guardians []


The island of Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, is located in the Indian Ocean off the southern tip of India. While technically an island, the nation is nearly linked to the subcontinent by a chain of partially submerged limestone shoals that are not crossable and act as an obstacle for seagoing navigators. One hundred forty miles at its widest point, and 270 miles long, Sri Lanka can be divided into three geographic zones corresponding to elevation: the highlands, the lowland plains, and the coastal belt. The central highlands include numerous valleys and plateaus. The highest point, the mountain of Pidurutalagala, tops 8,000 feet. In contrast, the elevation of the surrounding plains ranges from 300 feet to sea level. Finally, the coastal belt rises only about 100 feet above sea level, populated by lagoons, sandy dunes, beaches, and marshes. In the northeast and southwest, the coast is lined with rocky cliffs. Sri Lanka is famous for its gemstones, including topaz, sapphires, and rubies.

The first migrations from the Indian subcontinent to the island began in 500 BCE with the Sinhalese people from the north of India, and Tamil-speaking Dravidian peoples from the south. In 377 BCE the Sinhalese established their capital in the city of Anuradhapura, and in 250 BCE the Sinhalese king converted to Buddhism during a missionary visit by the son of the Indian emperor. Anuradhapura flourished under this Buddhist influence, and quickly became one of the world’s most prominent centers of world religion. As time passed, Sinhalese power drifted south as the Tamil kingdom of India claimed the north portion of the island. However, the balance of power was irrevocably altered in 1505 when the Portuguese invaded, the first in a wave of European imperialism. Distraught over the powerful foreign influence, the Sinhalese allied with the Dutch to oust the Portuguese and install the Dutch East India Company as the ruling power. This did not last long. In 1796 the Dutch relinquished control of the island to the British, and in 1802 it became the colony of Ceylon, property of the British crown.


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