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This article is about the revolutionary nation. For the map in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, see Central America (map).

Central America is one of the revolutionary nations in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, unique to the Mexicans and available at the Commerce Age.

Revolting to Central America costs 400 food, 400 wood, 400 coin.


Home City Cards[]

Click for a list of Central American Home City Cards
  • Purple: Shipment that can be sent an INFINITE number of times
  • Blue: Shipments that arrive fast
  • Shipments that will be retained upon returning to Mexico are denoted by an underlined name.
Central America Card Overview.png
Card Description
Federal card our lady of the light.png Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral experience generation rate +100% and build limit +1; Ships 1 Cathedral Wagon
Central America Home City (Santamaria's Fire).png Santamaria's Fire Ships 4 Soldados; Receive a Petard with every Home City shipment including this one
Central America Home City (Salvadoran Coffee).png Salvadoran Coffee Ships 1 Settler for every Home City shipment that has been sent including this one
Central America Home City (Catrachos).png Catrachos Settlers turn into Revolutionaries when killed
Spanish Home City 3 (Pioneers).png Pioneers Villagers get +65% hit points
Mexico card Chipotle Tactics.png Chipotle Tactics Receive food when an enemy or own building is destroyed equal to 20% ~ 40% of its total cost; Ships 500 food
Spanish Home City 1 (700 Food).png Crates of 700 Food Ships 700 food
Spanish Home City 1 (600 Wood).png Cords of 600 Wood Ships 600 wood
Spanish Home City 1 (700 Wood).png Cords of 700 Wood Ships 700 wood
Spanish Home City 1 (600 Coin).png Chests of 600 Coin Ships 600 coin
Spanish Home City 1 (700 Coin).png Chests of 700 Coin Ships 700 coin
Central America Home City (4 Settlers INF).png 4 Settlers Ships 4 Settlers
Central America Home City (6 Revolutionaries INF).png 6 Revolutionaries Ships 6 Revolutionaries
Spanish Home City 3 (Advanced Frontier Defenses).png Advanced Frontier Defense Upgrades Outposts to Frontier (if not already); Ships 3 Outpost Wagons
Mexican Home City 3 (Frontier Defenses INF).png Frontier Defenses Ships 2 Outpost Wagons
Levy Icon.png Town Militia Town Centers get +50% attack and can use Town Militia
Spanish Home City 3 (Improved Buildings).png Improved Buildings Buildings get +40% hit points
Central America Home City (1 Falconet INF).png 1 Falconet Ships 1 Falconet; Costs 100 coin
Central America Home City (2 Culverins).png 2 Culverins Ships 2 Culverins
Hc infinite 1 sloop.png 1 Sloop Ships 1 Sloop
Central America Home City (1 Ironclad INF).png 1 Ironclad Ships 1 Ironclad; Costs 500 coin
Central America Home City (Tehuantepec Route).png Tehuantepec Route Sells all warships, returning the resources spent to train them
Central America Home City (Central American Infantry).png Central American Infantry Upgrades Insurgentes, Soldados, and Salteadores to Veteran (if not already); Costs 500 wood, 500 coin
Central America Home City (Central American Cavalry).png Central American Cavalry Upgrades Chinacos to Veteran (if not already); Dragoons available at Stable; Costs 500 wood, 500 coin
Spanish Home City 3 (Assassins).png Assassins Upgrades Spies to Assassins with +100% attack and +5.0× multiplier against heroes and mercenaries


  • The Federal Republic of Central America (1823-1841) is available to Mexico because Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica were part of the first Mexican Empire (1821-1823) under the rule of Agustin de Iturbide, and then at the dissolution, they created their own federation.
  • Chiapas formed part of the Republic of Central America, but returned later to the Mexican federation.
  • While the Federal Republic was dissolved, the countries of the region formed a military coalition to defeat an invasion in 1856-1857 by William Walker, the leader of the other revolution option in the Commerce Age.