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This article is about the unit in the PC game. For the unit in the handheld video game, see Centaur (Age of Empires: Mythologies).

Centaurs are half-human creatures with the upper body of a man attached to the lower body of a horse. In Age of Mythology, the Centaur is a Greek myth unit available by worshipping Hermes in the Classical Age.

Special Attack[]

Accurate shot: fires a shot that never misses and does 50 pierce damage. Recharge time: 15 seconds.

Attack bonuses[]

  • Myth Units: ×2
  • Heroes: ×0.25



  • SylvanLore.png Sylvan Lore (Hermes): increases hit points by 25% and speed by 1.



Centaurs are fast-moving ranged units, a kind of mythological horse archer. They are good at hit-and-run tactics and make fine supporting ranged units. Once upgraded to Centaur Polemarchs, they have a speed of 6.5, making a gang of Centaurs the consummate raiders. They can breeze in, kill off a few Worker units, and be off before the other player knew what hit them.

When grouped together, Centaurs' volleys can devastate human soldier formations in a very short time. However, their hit points and hack armor are low, so they fall quickly in melee combat, especially against aerial myth units like the Vermilion Bird. Hence they should always keep their distance and be used in groups. As with all myth units, Centaurs are very weak against heroes.


Age of Mythology[]

  • Centaurs have 5.0 speed.
  • Sylvan Lore gives Centaurs +30% speed.

Tale of the Dragon[]

  • Centaurs have 5.2 speed.
  • Sylvan Lore gives Centaurs +1 speed.


Scientific name -- Homo equus
Size -- 7'+ tall, 1600 lbs.
Diet -- Omnivore. Likes wine.

Half-man and half-horse, Centaurs are usually seen with torso and head of a man and the body of a horse, but different descriptions exist. They were notorious for showing up uninvited to outdoor celebrations (for a creature that large they seemed to have had trouble holding their liquor) and for abducting women, especially young maidens. Because of their drunkenness and inclination toward violence, most were driven to the mountains of Thessaly. Chiron, the centaur that educated Achilles was an exception. Centaurs are usually depicted carrying a bow.


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