The Catapult Trireme is a large naval unit with a catapult mounted on top of the deck in Age of Empires. It fires every 3 seconds and throws large rocks and boulders toward enemy targets at a long distance. Once the Trireme has been upgraded, the technology which enables Catapult Trireme becomes available at the Dock. Like all stone throwing heavy siege weapons, Catapult Triremes deal 28 bonus damage against buildings after accounting for building armor.

They are the very first Siege Naval unit to appear in Age of Empires series and are the predecessor of the Cannon Galleon of Age of Empires II  and the Monitor of Age of Empires III .

Strategy Edit

It has fewer hit points and fires slower than its original counterpart, but fills it up with strength per projectile, more range and does damage to a certain location rather than a single unit. Because of its relative low amount of hit points compared to other units, a successful naval victory through a full-scale assault can be obtained by escorting them with a large group of Triremes.

Being a Trireme, it is not an upgrade to Trireme itself, but a separate unit. It can be upgraded into a Juggernaught once Engineering is researched. It benefits from such researches as Alchemy for its attack strength, Ballistics for its accuracy and Engineering for its range.

Upgrades Edit

Iron Age Edit

Dock Tree
Stone Age
Fishing Boat age of empires
Fishing Boat
Trading boat
Trade Boat
Tool Age
Alu AoE LightTransport v1.00 Icon
Light Transport
Scout Ship
Scout Ship
Bronze Age
Fishing Ship
War Galley
War Galley
Merchant boat
Merchant Ship
Iron Age
Alu AoE HeavyTransport v1.00 Icon
Heavy Transport
Fire galley aoe
Fire Galley
Catapult Trireme

Civilization bonuses Edit


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