This article is about the unit in Age of Empires. For the similar unit in Age of Mythology, see Catapult (Age of Mythology).

In Age of Empires, the Catapult is slow lumbering device used to eliminate buildings and defenses. Its attack features medium Area of Effect damage, regardless of whether the unit is a friend or foe.

The direct upgrade of the Stone Thrower, they are fairly expensive and more effective, but less so than the Heavy Catapult. They also have a minimum range of 2. Catapults deal 28 bonus damage against buildings (40) after accounting for building armor but only 10 bonus damage against towers (22).

The Choson, Carthaginians, EgyptiansPhoenicians, and Yamato cannot build Catapults.

To upgrade the Catapult to the Heavy Catapult, Siegecraft must be researched beforehand.


Iron Age

Civilization bonusesEdit

  • Hittites: Catapult have 50% more hit points
  • Sumerians: Catapults attack twice as fast (same rate of fire as a Ballista)
  • Macedonians: Catapults are four times more resistant against conversion

History Edit

"The stone thrower continued to evolve over time following its invention around 400 B.C.  Improvements increased the size or range of the missile and the mobility of the catapult."
Age of Empires manual

Gallery Edit

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