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Lead Carthage from city-state to empire and challenge the might of Rome with menacing war elephants and an indomitable navy.

The Carthaginians are a playable civilization in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome and feature Roman styled architecture. They are the inhabitants of the Carthaginian Empire which once controlled North Africa as well as several territories in Western Mediterranean at its height, before and during the Punic Wars. Carthage was originally a Phoenician colony and would be the longest enduring successor state of Phoenicia, after the latter's subjugation by Assyrians.


Civilization bonuses[]

Team bonus[]

Academies work 20% faster.

Missing technologies[]

Metallurgy, Chain Mail Infantry, Chain Mail Archers, Chain Mail Cavalry, Fortified Wall, Siegecraft, Astrology, Monotheism, Fanaticism

Missing units[]

Legionary, Composite Bowman, Chariot Archer, Heavy Horse Archer, Chariot, Cataphract, Catapult, Catapult Trireme


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Due to their different unit varieties and military bonuses from the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians are primarily used for offense rather than defense.


RomeIcon The Rise of Rome[]

  • Heavy Transports move 43% faster.

Age of Empires Definitive Edition icon Definitive Edition[]

  • Heavy Transports move 25% faster (same as Light Transport).
  • Camel Riders have +15% hit points.
  • With update 38862, they now start the game with +50 of each resource.

AoE2Icon-ReturnRome Return of Rome[]

  • Team bonus added. Upon release, it gives Fire Galleys +1 pierce armor.
  • Free Nobility (requires Government Center) added.
  • With update 99311, the team bonus makes Academies work 20% faster.

Campaign appearances[]

The First Punic War campaign and the Crossing the Alps scenario from the Enemies of Rome campaign are played as the Carthaginians.
The Carthaginians appear exclusively as enemy AI players in:

The Rise of Rome[]

Ave Caesar[]

RoR Pyrrhus of Epirus Pyrrhus of Epirus[]

  • 4. Savior of the Greeks
    • The Carthaginian Army - Enemy
    • Carthaginian Suppliers - Enemy
    • Lilybaeum - Enemy
  • 5. Sisyphus
    • The Carthaginian Navy - Enemy

AI player names[]

When playing a random map game against the computer, the player may encounter any of the following Carthaginian AI characters.

  • Hamilcar Barca (𐤇𐤌𐤋𐤒𐤓𐤕𐤟𐤁𐤓𐤒) - Carthaginian general, lived c. 275-228 BC, father of Hannibal, Hasdrubal and Mago
  • Himilco - Carthaginian navigator and explorer in the 5th century BC. Also the name of several prominent Carthaginian leaders.
  • Hanno (𐤇‬𐤍‬𐤀) -Name of several generals, politicians and other Carthaginians, most notably Hanno the Navigator (6th-5th century BC)
  • Matho (𐤌‬𐤈‬𐤀‬) - Actually spelled Mathos. Mercenary general in the Carthaginian army, crucified after a revolt, lived ?-237 BC
  • Mago (𐤌𐤂‬𐤍) - Carthaginian general, lived 243-203 BC, son of Hamilcar Barca
  • Hasdrubal (𐤏𐤆𐤓‬‬𐤁‬𐤏𐤋) - Carthaginian general, lived 245-207 BC, son of Hamilcar Barca
  • Hannibal (𐤇𐤍𐤁𐤏𐤋𐤟𐤁𐤓𐤒) - Carthaginian general, lived 247-183/182/181 BC, son of Hamilcar Barca
  • Gisco (𐤂‬𐤓𐤎𐤊‬𐤍) - patronymic of a prominent Carthaginian general c. 300-258 BC (Hannibal Gisco); patronymic of a prominent Carthaginian general ?-202 BC (Hasdrubal Gisco)
  • Dido - Legendary founder and first queen of Carthage, sister of the Phoenician king Pygmalion


Main article: /History

Carthage was founded by Queen Dido (Elissa in some sources) in the year 850 BC. Bearing heavy Phoenician influence, the city soon expanded by trade. It eventually expanded to encompass over 300 cities. Some sources suggest that Queen Elissa was their second ruler and that she ruled this empire for some time. According to legend and lore, she was a very benevolent ruler that was well respected by her followers.

Rivalry with Rome[]

The Carthaginian Empire was at odds with Rome for over eighty years. During said time frame, three wars broke out. These wars, called the Punic Wars, would eventually spell defeat for the empire. During the Second Punic War, a military general named Hannibal rose to fame due to winning several victories in Italy. However he failed to conquer Rome and was eventually beaten. By the end of the Punic Wars, the Carthaginian Empire was conquered by Rome.


  • The civilization's icon introduced in Return of Rome portrays the Sign of Tanit, a symbol of the Moon-goddess Tanit, topped further with astral symbols of the Moon and stars.
  • The user interface image in Return of Rome is a model of a Carthaginian warship, which dominated the Mediterranean before the Punic wars.
  • This civilization originated as a Phoenician colony (hence the word "Punic", the name Romans gave to the Carthaginians).



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