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Carp are a large group of oily freshwater fish native to Asia that can be fished, available in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties.

Carp can be found in Ceylon and sometimes the Yellow River map during the flood. Carp are found swimming alongside Humpback Whales and Mola Molas in Ceylon and occasionally Catfish in the Yellow River. Just like the other fish, Carp have 100 hitpoints and yield 500 food .


Scientific Name: Cyprinus carpio
Approx. Size: varies, up to 3 ft.
Diet: Aquatic plants, insects

Largest of the fish in the minnow family, the carp has become a staple food fish, often bred specifically for this purpose. A native of Asia, it went on to become very popular in Europe and America, causing a variety of colors and forms to develop, including the mirror carp and the leather carp.

The carp has a habit of rooting in the mud at the bottom of rivers to find its food. This often leaves the surrounding water unfit for the feeding or spawning of other fish.
—History File


  • While Carp are featured in the Ceylon map, swimming in the Indian Ocean, this is inaccurate as Carp are freshwater fish, and would die in saltwater.