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Carnivora is an Atlantean Classical Age god power in Age of Mythology: The Titans that is available to worshipers of Oceanus. When cast, it summons a Carnivora plant.

Carnivora can be used three times in a game.


The Carnivora (plural Carnivorae) is an immobile man-eating plant myth unit.




The god power, as most of the Atlantean god powers, can be used several times (3 times). When invoked, a giant Carnivora plant will emerge from the Earth. Carnivorae have a special attack, that allows it to automatically devour any human unit (including a War Elephant) that passes near it. Heroes and myth units are immune to this, making them a good way to get rid of the plant without any losses. Also, Carnivorae cannot move so ranged units have an advantage over it. As such they are not effective in sealing off an area from attacks. Instead, they are best cast in the middle of a battle to help thin out enemy forces. Carnivorae cannot be healed except by a Healing Spring, the Restoration god power, or Hekate's Mythic Rejuvenation technology.


The Titans[]

  • Originally, the Carnivora has 400 hit points. With patch 1.02, it has 500 hit points.
  • Its special attack recharges in 12 seconds.

Tale of the Dragon[]

  • With patch 2.7, the Carnivora has 600 hit points, and its special attack recharges in 10 seconds.


Scientific name – Aldrovanda ampelos subsp. xiros
Size – About 9' tall
Diet – Carnivore, rodents, occasionally humans

Carnivorae catch and kill quickly, but must digest before snaring more prey. Heroes and ranged units can avoid a Carnivora's vines.

The Titan Oceanus gave several of his sacred Carnivorae to the Titaness Gaia as a gift. Carnivorae on land were easy to avoid if seen, but often, because they blended so well with their surroundings, unsuspecting prey blundered into them quite unawares and were ensnared to be digested gruesomely over the course of a week or more.

Carnivora (Water)[]

The Carnivora (Water) is an immobile naval myth unit with the ability to sink ships instantly.



  • MythicRejuvenation.png Mythic Rejuvenation (Hekate): Regenerate 2 hp/sec.
  • Eyes of Atlas.png Eyes of Atlas (Atlas): increases LOS by 9.


If cast on water, an aquatic version of the Carnivora will be summoned. Its special attack enables it to or sink a ship using tentacles that expand greatly in size. Although slightly bulkier than their terrestrial counterparts, naval Carnivorae are more difficult to use as most ships, with the exception of the Greek, Egyptian and Norse ramming ships, have a ranged attack and can easily avoid it. It is best to cast it directly in the middle of a major naval battle to catch enemy ships by surprise. It can also be used to disrupt fishing ships but the plant will require immediate backup as the enemy will quickly send its navy to take it out.


  • The in-game description erroneously states that the Carnivora throws soldiers, when in fact it eats them.
  • They are called Audrey by the game files which is a reference to the man-eating, alien plant Audrey II from the horror comedy rock musical Little Shop of Horrors.
  • The Carnivora is represented as being part of the Waterwheel plant's genus, despite resembling a Dionaea muscipula (Venus flytrap)


Scientific name – Aldrovanda ampelos
Size – About 9' tall
Diet – Carnivore, fish, occasionally sailors

Carnivorae catch and kill quickly, but must digest before snaring more prey. Heroes and ranged units can avoid a Carnivora's vines.

Sacred to the Titan Oceanus, the carnivorous aquatic plant guarded his palace. Also called the Fangs of Charybdis, this plant was responsible for the disappearances of more vessels than the sirens and Charybdis combined. Many aquatic Carnivorae were cultivated in the bays of Atlantis and along shipping channels to protect Atlantean trade. It was a punishable offense to sail into one of these scared plants though very few who ventured that close to a Carnivora survived to face punishment.


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