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Careening is a technology in Age of Empires II available at the Dock upon reaching the Castle Age. Once researched, it increases the pierce armor of all ships by +1, as well as the capacity of Transport Ships by +5 (for a total of 10).

Dry Dock is the further upgrade of this technology.

Civilization bonuses[]

  • Chinese: Researching Careening is 15%/20% cheaper in the Castle/Imperial Age.
  • Italians: Researching Careening is 33% cheaper.
  • Persians: Researching Careening is 15%/20% faster in the Castle Age/Imperial Age.
  • Portuguese: Researching Careening is 30% faster.


The Forgotten[]

Definitive Edition[]

Lords of the West[]


Barnacles and seaweed attached themselves to the underside of wooden hulled ships over time. These “passengers” slowed the ship down as they spread across the hull, making the ships ever more inefficient. Ships of the age were careened periodically to scrap off these obstructions and reseal the bottom. Careening required unloading the ship, dragging it up onto a sandy beach sideways, and pulling it over to expose the bottom. Crewmen worked in shallow water scraping and resealing seams with new pitch. Careening was usually done in conjunction with tides to help float the ship off, and a ship needed to be careened twice to be cleaned on both sides.
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