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The Carcinos is an aquatic Greek myth unit available in the Mythic Age that is trained at the Dock. It is available to worshipers of Hera.

Special ability[]

Explodes when killed, causing 300 hack damage to all within 7.5 range.

Attack bonuses[]




This giant crab attacks with its pincers, dealing both hack and crush damage, making them effective against units, buildings and ships alike. In addition, they have the fastest attack of any naval myth unit so can combat other myth units in the water easily. Unlike other naval Myth Units, the Carcinos has higher hack armor than pierce armor, making them more resistant to ramming ships (which are usually the second best thing to counter Myth Units after heroes).

Even if overwhelmed by several ships, the Carcinos can fulfill its role as a suicide lead by attacking enemies up close while being supported by Arrow and Siege Ships. Similar to the Egyptian Scarab, Atlantean Lampades (with Asper Blood), and Chinese Terracotta Warrior, it deals damage when killed but in much greater amounts. Any enemy unit, whether on land or water, too close to a defeated Carcinos will suffer tremendous damage. This on top of their good armor and high HP makes them very difficult to kill safely. Aside from heroes, the best counter to the Carcinos is actually Arrow Ships improved with Heroic Fleet and The Argo who can keep their distance while attacking as it is rather slow for a naval Myth Unit. In doing so, they also remain out of range when the Carcinos dies and will not suffer additional damage.


Scientific name -- Callinectes colossus
Size -- 8000+ lbs.
Diet -- giant mollusks

During Heracles' battle with the hydra, Hera summoned a crab to attack Heracles and aid the hydra. Although Heracles defeated both hydra and crab, Hera rewarded the crustacean by placing it as a constellation up in the night sky. Latin for "crab" is "cancer," and in Greek it is "Karkinos" -- from where derives the word "carcinogen."


  • Carcinos' scientific name and appearance suggest it is based on the Atlantic Blue Crab, a species invasive to the Mediterranean.


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