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Artillery captured and operated by Native Americans. Can also inflict splash damage to enemy land units. Good against buildings and ships.
—In-game description

The Captured Mortar is an artillery unit in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition that can be trained by Native American civilizations at the Native Embassy once the Industrial Age is reached.


The Captured Mortar is the Native American equivalent of European Mortars with similar stats to the Howitzer, and which can be upgraded by Outlaw upgrades — such as Folk Heroes — as well as various Home City Cards.


The Captured Mortar is automatically upgraded in the Imperial Age.

Imperial age up.png Captured Howitzer (+25% hit points and attack)

Further statistics[]

Unit strengths and weaknesses
Strong vs. Buildings, ships
Weak vs. Infantry (especially Arrow Knights), cavalry, artillery (especially Culverins)
Hit points
Attack Heated Shot.png Heated Shot (+1.5× multiplier vs. ships)
Sight Gunners Quadrant.png Gunner's Quadrant (+6)
Speed Cherokee War Dance.png Cherokee War Dance (+20%)
Apache Endurance.png Apache Endurance (+5%)
Creation speed Inca Chaquis Messengers.png Quechuan Diet (-10%)
Train cost Mapuche Ad-mapu.png Mapuche Ad-mapu (-10% coin cost)
Other Merritocracy.png Meritocracy (-20% upgrade cost)

Home City Cards[]