The campaigns in the Age of Empires games are separate series of scenarios based on historical or mythical events that feature cinematic cutscenes, narrative elements, often special objectives, and unique units.

The Campaign Editor (contained in the Scenario Editor) allows players to create custom campaigns.

Age of Empires Edit

Age of Empires Edit

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The Rise of Rome Edit

Demo campaigns Edit

Age of Empires II Edit

AOK Campaigns

The campaign menu in The Age of Kings

The Age of Kings Edit

  1. William Wallace (Celts)
  2. Joan of Arc (Franks)
  3. Saladin (Saracens)
  4. Genghis Khan (Mongols)
  5. Barbarossa (Teutons)

The Conquerors Edit


The campaign menu in The Conquerors

  1. Attila the Hun (Huns)
  2. El Cid (Spanish, Saracens)
  3. Montezuma (Aztecs)
  4. Battles of the Conquerors (various)

The Forgotten Edit


The campaign menu in The Forgotten

  1. Alaric (Goths)
  2. Dracula (Magyars, Slavs, Turks)
  3. Bari (Byzantines)
  4. Sforza (Italians)
  5. El Dorado (Incas, Spanish)
  6. Prithviraj (Indians)
  7. Battles of the Forgotten (various)

HD: The African Kingdoms Edit


The campaign menu in The African Kingdoms

  1. Tariq ibn Ziyad (Berbers)
  2. Sundjata (Malians)
  3. Francisco de Almeida (Portuguese)
  4. Yodit (Ethiopians)

HD: Rise of the Rajas Edit

RotR campaigns

The campaign menu in Rise of the Rajas

  1. Gajah Mada (Malay)
  2. Suryavarman I (Khmer)
  3. Bayinnaung (Burmese)
  4. Le Loi (Vietnamese)

DE: The Last KhansEdit

Campaign medals

The gold, silver and bronze medals awarded upon scenario/campaign completion.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition contains all of the original campaigns from Age of Empires II, with new ones added: The Art of War and The Last Khans. Unlike the original game, a completed scenario selection will be marked with a bronze, silver or gold medal depending on whether the scenario was beaten on the "standard", "moderate" or "hard" difficulty respectively. If an entire campaign is completed, the selection of the campaign will also feature a medal, depending on which difficulty types the scenarios within were completed the most.
  1. Tamerlane (Tatars)
  2. Ivaylo (Bulgarians)
  3. Kotyan Khan (Cumans)
  4. Pachacuti (Incas)
Note: Pachacuti replaces the El Dorado campaign from The Forgotten expansion.

Age of Empires III Edit

Age of Empires III Edit

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The Asian Dynasties Edit

Age of Mythology Edit

Age of Mythology Edit


In Age of Mythology campaigns, the player will be given the option whether to proceed to the next campaign scenario immediately, or otherwise return to the campaign main menu.

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Tale of the Dragon Edit

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