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We found another stupid camel.
—Ajax in the Cerberus scenario

The Camel Caravan is a Caravan in Age of Mythology that the Egyptians use to trade between the Market and selected Town Center. Like all caravan units, the Camel Caravan travels back and forth between a player's Market and Town Center, or the Town Center of an ally, and generates gold for the player.


Players should build the Market in a safe corner of the map from where the Camels will travel to a Town Center of choice. The greater the distance of the trade route, the more gold will be generated. This is especially valuable later in the game when safe Gold Mines run out.

Caravans can also trade with ally Town Centers and doing so generates 50% more Gold than usual. Caravans may replace Laborers if too many are found idle once gold runs out but they cannot defend themselves from attackers and must be protected from raids.


  • AOMCoinage.png Coinage: increases movement speed by 20%.


  • Like the Ox Caravan (actually a Musk Ox), the Camel Caravan was planned to have a wild counterpart, but it was cut before release. The wild Camel was planned for the base game and the Musk Ox for The Titans.


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